Girl, the job of sending takeaway is not suitable for you.

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Girl, the job of sending takeaway is not suitable for you.

2022-05-14 18:06:10 8 ℃

Auntie Li sent a mother parrot. On this day, my dad turned his mother at home and wanted to find pocket money. I saw my mother shouted to my dad: My mother came back! Dad pretend to be a finishing room! Since then, every time my dad turned my mother's pocket, the parrot shouted: My mother is back! Until one day, my dad stopped paying attention to the parrot and was still turning his clothes. My mother really came back!

The original poster likes small pets. Two years ago, the host raised a pair of kittens, and the female cat died. Two dogs who raised with their girlfriends, because of breaking up, my girlfriend also took the bitch away ... A few days ago, my mother came to see me. Turning around in my single apartment, sighed: It's not easy ... God has made you a few of your lonely things together, it's not easy ...

Xiao Wang worked on the Personnel Department on the 10th floor and was transferred to the administrative department on the 9th floor a month ago. One day, Xiao Wang called the personnel department on the 10th floor to find him: '' 'Little king is there?' ', The colleague who answered the phone said:' 'Xiao Wang is no longer in person. '' Little Wang classmate: '' Ah ~ ah! When did it happen? Why don't I know? Before I had time to send him. Hey! '' '' It doesn't matter, you can go below to find him! ''

(The female man is so domineering to bring a baby, it wo n’t be able to accept it!)

Yesterday afternoon was fine, accompany the old mother to walk the dog and walk to the green space in the community. A goddess came here: Wow, the dog is too beautiful! Mom: Do you like it? Goddess: Like! Mom: Since I like it, I'll give it to you. Goddess: Aunt, how are you embarrassed? Mom: Isn't it a dog? nothing. Goddess: Really? Ready to hold a dog. My mother pushed me forward: Girl, this is my son. The goddess stunned, and turned around and left ...