Funny paragraph: After dinner, my girlfriend shouted: Old sister, I will definitely not go!

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Funny paragraph: After dinner, my girlfriend shouted: Old sister, I will definitely not go!

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1. Girlfriend: Today, my boyfriend thinks I am too fat and proposed to break up with me.

Sister: What did you do?

Girlfriend: Of course, he kept him, and he kept away in my retention.

Sister: Really? How do you convince him.

Girlfriend: Without persuasion, I kept him with my body.

Sister: Nima, don't he think you are fat?

Girlfriend: Don't say it, I have to go to the hospital. He was still lying there. Unexpectedly, he did not overwhelm it! The ribs are broken.


2. Wife: Husband, we are a complementary couple that people envy!

Husband: Where is complementary?

Wife: I have a large amount of meals, you have a small amount of meals, and you are complementary; I am fat, you are thin, complementary; I am impatient, you can make money, you can make money, I like to spend money, and complement each other!

husband:. Essence Essence Then, then, then

3. On the second day of the English exam, I was arrested when I turned on the English textbook at the same table.

The same table: "Xiaoming also flipped the lesson, why don't you catch him?"

The teacher glanced at me and said, "He can't find the answer!"

4. The three men came to the door to seek relatives at the same time. The father who had to marry the woman said to them: "I can only let my daughter marry one of you. You can say your advantages."

Male A: "I have hundreds of thousands of products."

Male B: "I have a mansion."

Male B: "I have a child, now in your daughter's belly."

5. The matchmaker introduced the older girl. The three met at the hotel. After seeing the man who saw the man, the leftover woman whispered to the matchmaker: "He is too ugly, I'm sorry, I am leaving first."

Mercy: "This is the dad of his director" "

The leftover woman sat down: "His father is the director? In fact, ugliness is not bad, Ma Yun is ugly, but people are the richest people, Huang Bo is also ugly, people are celebrities"

Mercy: "Yeah, if his father did not fall off, he would definitely give you a gift."

Leftover girl: "Ah ~ fall off the horse? I don't want to have a lot with the son of the corrupt official!"

Mercy: "Yeah, the mother of his listed company's boss said the same, don’t have a melon with his dad."

The leftover woman: "The fuck is the boss of a listed company? In fact, his dad has nothing to do with him, I like such a man!"

Mercy: "No, if her mother has no bankruptcy, more people like him"

Leftover woman: "Bankruptcy? Can you finish things in one breath, this dear, can't be each other!"

6. Rhubarb: I heard that you are falling in love with Xiaomei, hurry up with her!

Xiao Li: Why, she is my favorite type.

Rhubarb: She overtake

Xiao Li: The cosmetic fee is very expensive, and the capacity can be remedied, which shows that her family is rich.

Rhubarb: She also lives with many men.

Xiao Li: Someone chased her excellent.

Rhubarb: She has given birth to a child.

Xiao Li: That shows that she has fertility.

Rhubarb: I am dizzy!

7. In the evening with a few buddies to eat hot pot, I called the waiter to come over to help us make the fire smaller, and the waiter came over. I was throwing a piece of hot tofu in my mouth. It was startled at the time!

Take a step back and look at the alert: "Brother! We have something to say, but don't bite people !!!"

8. Spiders and bees are about to get married ...

The spider was very dissatisfied, so he asked his mother: "Why do I marry a bee?"

The spider mother said: "The bees are a little noisy, but they are also a stewardess."

The spider said, "But I prefer mosquito ..."

The spider mother said, "Don't think about that nurse anymore, the injection can't be hit well, the mother was edema last time ..."

The bee was also very dissatisfied, so she asked her mother: "Why let me marry a spider?"

Mother Bee said: "The spiders are a bit ugly, but they are also engaged in the Internet anyway."

The bee said, "But people love ant ..."

Mother Bee said, "Don't mention the thin worker, carry things all day long, not even the truck."