Brother, isn't it embarrassing to wear it when you go out?

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Brother, isn't it embarrassing to wear it when you go out?

2022-05-15 00:10:35 10 ℃

The girl is very brave, and she laughs so high and laughs so bright

It turns out that the eyes are big when you don't laugh!

Girl, naive, but finally hypnotized

Mobile phones can make people temporarily forget the pain

Girl, do you look a little melancholy?

This Peugeot student girl is really eye -catching

Can you stop at home with such a large water? Such a good electric car is going to be destroyed

Girl, in the morning, isn't it wrong to wear a slippers to go up the mountain?

Come on, you have always persisted like this, who persist to the end, who is the boss?

Brother, isn't it embarrassing to wear it when you go out, are you getting the wrong wife?

Dude, do you laugh so happy, is it a heart? The girl's skirts are sandwiched!

Look at the picture to guess idioms, see which great god can give the answer, if you won't play 666 in the comment area!

Funny paragraph: 1.

Dreams are like dragons, and it is difficult to see in reality.

Loneliness is like a mouse, the more lively at night.

Difficulty is like a snake, and you can't find it in key parts.

Fate is like a monkey, jumping up and down.

Money is like a dog, just swinging the tail for the owner.

Happiness is like a pig. There are wines and drunk today.

Time is like horses, and he refuses to eat back grass.

True love is like a turtle, and it hides when you need it. Essence Essence


, I: "Pharaoh, I have been running so hard recently, exercise!"

Pharaoh: "Loss of weight."

Me: "Are you not fat, what fattened?"

Pharaoh: "Not all because of you."

Me: "What does it have to do with me?"

Pharaoh: "Who asked you to change the wardrobe so small."

I. Essence Essence

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