Funny gif fun map: My brother likes a girl, the girl celebrates her birthday yesterday

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Funny gif fun map: My brother likes a girl, the girl celebrates her birthday yesterday

2022-06-17 00:14:12 19 ℃

Funny gif fun map: My brother likes a girl, the girl celebrates her birthday yesterday

1. A young couple has a son, who is four years old and has not spoken yet. They are deeply anxious about it. They took him to the experts for treatment, but the doctors always felt that he had no problem. Later, when I had breakfast one morning, the child suddenly said: "Mom, the bread is roasted." "You spoke! You spoke!" His mother called What about a long time? "" Oh, before that, the boy said, "Everything is normal."

2. Last month, Country Garden had a new post -00s intern girl. After knowing it for a week, I found that she had bargain and bargain. Recently, I borrowed two thousand yuan to her. When paying the money, she said: Is it okay to return you for 1800 yuan? I said: Okay, then you have to be my girlfriend. As a result, she said: You do n’t look in the mirror, dare to let me be your girlfriend? This is two thousand two, those two hundred are for you, don’t bother me in the future ...

3. Eat with the rich woman today, and suddenly received a call from the brother. He said that he had a car accident, and I immediately rushed to the hospital with Mercedes -Benz. When I arrived at the hospital, my brother was holding a gypsum and was bargaining with an uncle. I hurriedly asked: Didn't you hit someone? Brother: No. As soon as I heard it, this uncle wanted to make people, so I planned to say a few words. Before I opened my mouth, I heard the uncle saying, the young man, you give the judge. He drove not only to break my door, but also broke the henhouse. How about I let him accompany him with 1,000 yuan? Hearing this, it turned out that the car drove the car into the house.

4. Father's Day, the teacher asked the child home to wash his feet for his father. After the son finished his feet, the father's day composition was written like this: Dad's feet were sour and smelly, opened the socks, sour stinky The taste was pungent until each of my nerves, just like stinky tofu eggs mixed with shit and sealed in the sweltering summer for a month and a half. The cracking nails are all black mud, and the black mud cannot be pulled out at all in the nails, as if it is sticking to the meat when it is born. But I don't think my father's feet are smelly and dirty. In the great father's love, I smelled a strong floral fragrance.

5. In the bathhouse, an adult asked his son and asked: "You are young now, Dad can help you rub his back, what should you do when your father is old?" The son said, "Rest assured, I am not so clever, I will find a rubbing back for you, only 5 yuan. "