Funny GIF Fun Map: Just starting school, teacher, birthday

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Funny GIF Fun Map: Just starting school, teacher, birthday

2022-06-19 06:18:27 18 ℃

Funny GIF Fun Map: Just starting school, teacher, birthday

1. There are many business trips. It is inevitable to go to some scenic spots and want to play. Let me pay back her money in advance, and when traveling every day, I still owe her money. Is it embarrassed?

2. I took my boyfriend home and went home to introduce: Dad, this is my boyfriend. Dad looked up and down around her boyfriend, and said: Why did you find this? I guess your mother may not accept it! I couldn't help but whispered: Dad, don't be so polite. Who knows that my dad said seriously: I didn't talk to you! I was speechless instantly ...

3. Since I am with me, my girlfriend has gained a lot of weight. One day, I was going to run to lose weight. On the first day, I persisted. The next day I said that the ankle pain and not running. I said: After two days, I do n’t have an ankle pain, leg pain, and my belly pain! She asked curiously: Why does the belly hurt? I: Can so many meat on my belly be painful? Not to mention, it hurts everywhere!

4. I met a girl just on the road. She wrote it on the ground with chalk: I'm so hungry! Please give some money to buy food! After reading it, I left, and I sent her 6 buns and 1 bottles of water after a while. The girl glanced at me and barely ate. She turned around after eating, and I followed behind. When she finished writing in another place, I went to buy another 6 steamed buns. When I handed the buns to her, her eyes could not forget. Maybe this is grateful! Intersection

5. I walked with the leaders of the department when I got off work yesterday. I saw a can tank on the side of the road. I saw the leader flew up and kicked the cans in the trash. As soon as I saw it, I was lying, and the opportunity to make a fart came, I said: Boss, you are really healthy! Who knows that the big guy came with a long sentence: without your mouth! I……