Funny gif fun map: matching, it feels acceptable

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Funny gif fun map: matching, it feels acceptable

2022-06-19 18:06:42 15 ℃

Funny gif fun map: matching, it feels acceptable

1. The boss opened a takeaway shop. Recently, the business is not good. Today, the boss invited two master and apprentices. Boss: "Master, no one in my shop called for a takeaway for a few days. Do you see if Feng Shui is not good?" The master took his apprentice in the store, and then said to the boss: "Avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid, avoid, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner, avoid the owner. I want to do it! "Two days later, the boss happily held the gift to thank Master. After the boss left, the apprentice asked the master:" Master, what are you doing so spiritually? "Master laughed:" The phone line is loose. "

2. A man was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was boring in prison. One day he found a ant that he could understand him, so he started training it. A few years later, this ant will not only stand upside down, but also turn around, making him quite proud. Finally he was released from prison. The first thing was to run to the bar and prepare to show off his magical ant. He first ordered a glass of beer to the wine, and then pulled the ants out of the pocket and put it on the table, and said to the wine insurance: "Look at this ant ..." The Jiu Bao came over, immediately patted the ants to death, and then sorry for sorry The ground said to him, "I'm sorry, I will change a new cup for you immediately." He said helplessly ...

3. The unit reimbursed more than 300 yuan of fare, and has been put in WeChat without moving, thinking about it from time to time. When I went out for a walk, my daughter saw a one who sold roast squid. I had to buy her for her, but I thought she was so fat. I did n’t buy it for her. Get up this morning and take a look. WeChat is more than 300 yuan. At first glance, it is true! I transferred to my daughter -in -law ... "Don't buy it for me, don't keep it. Don't think that your mother does not know your password, you are very safe. Last time I used a tablet to do the question earlier Mom said, let you wait ... "The daughter is a little cotton jacket of my father, but how does my little cotton jacket leak?

4. I was really moved by my son today. I woke up in the farthest room in the morning. My son who was playing in the living room found that I was awake, and even didn't even wear shoes. He just learned to walk and walked so far. He held a favorite orange in his hand and gave it to me. , I have tears in my eyes, thinking that my life is worth it. As a result, he said, "Dad, strip!"

5. Remember to go to the cafeteria at the same table at the same time, and accidentally bit my tongue. I screamed in pain! Asked at the same table, "What's wrong?" I couldn't speak so much, pointed at the rice on the table, pointed at my mouth, and spit some blood on the ground ... The goods actually shouted at the time. Tao: "Don't be fucking! The dishes are poisonous !!!"