Humor jokes: Girl, get it in a while and send it directly to the pigpen.

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Humor jokes: Girl, get it in a while and send it directly to the pigpen.

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1. The public is mainly married to the prince of the neighboring country, but the princess is not happy. So she said to the knight next to her, "I want to escape." The king said that after the princess fled to marry, she hit the Cavaliers once and was arrested for the tenth princess for the princess. She saw the injury on the knight's face.

"How can you hurt?" The princess touched the knight's injury. I accidentally broke. "The Cavaliers said indifferently. The princess thought for a moment and asked carefully," Do you like me? "Sure enough, the princess was not escaping. On the day of the princess’ s wedding, I took a dragon. He brought the princess to a cave. "Okay" Princess said the dragon, you have changed, I know you are the knight and knight red face and dare not see the princess. "How do you know that I am a dragon? The princess patted the knight's head "" You were injured last time, Longjiao forgot to hide it "

2. Laulin bought a high -end bicycle with more than 40,000 yuan. The next day, I was worried that the car was stolen, and I locked five locks on the bicycle. As a result, I found that the car was stolen from get off work. Later, the police caught the thief, and Lao Lin asked, "Where is the car?" The thief: "Let me sell it." Lao Lin: "Do you know the car?" The thief: "I must not know the car." Laulin: How much did the car sell ? "Thief:" 300. "Lao Lin:" So many bicycles, you don't know the car, why steal me? "The thief:" The car locks a car, you are locking five. "

3. The boy in the math class suddenly stood up and said to the same table: I love you, be my girlfriend. The teacher on the podium stunned, smiled, and took the lead in saying: together. The whole class began to respond. I saw the girl got up and raised her hand to give the boy a slap and said: Mathematics is my dad, you don't know! Intersection

4. In the Chinese class, a classmate fell asleep. The classmate sitting on the side suddenly woke him up and whispered "the third paragraph of the text." He got up and read loudly. The teacher who was writing on the blackboard was startled, and the teacher looked at him depressed and asked him, "Is there something wrong with your classmates?" He seemed to know what? Listen! "Teacher:" ?? "

5. Sister cousin is very fat, and there is no target at the age of 26. Yesterday we went shopping, and saw a handsome guy selling pears. Going away, my cousin said, "Is it enough?". Handsome guy: "Auntie! You can rest assured that you don't have enough scales, let me hit a bachelor for a lifetime." Sister: "Who is the aunt? I am only 26 years old, okay, so, if it is not enough, you think about marrying me, what?" The handsome guy looked at his cousin, thought about it, a bag that won Sheng Pear added four more ...

6. At the beginning of the year, a brother borrowed money from me, saying that at most half a year,

I was not full at hand, I still borrowed him 50,000

The brother said grateful: Rest assured, there will be no missing 2 points.

I said politely, you can see that, you can see it, it is okay to give a little interest meaning.

As a result, he finally repaid for two years, and returned me 50000.02, and it was a dictators! Intersection Intersection

7. When I was in college, there was a super -spoiled roommate in the dormitory. One month's socks are not washed

One day I couldn't stand it, so he quickly washed the socks. As a result,

He poured a pot of water, put the laundry fluid, put the socks in

Turn three laps in the water with your fingers in the water, and turn it around with three times in the back of the clockwise

I asked who he learned from, he said. Essence And washing machine at home. Essence

8. Pharaoh watched me with two dark circles and asked, "What's wrong? I didn't sleep well last night?"

I sighed: "Well, it was really ... half of the night last night, my son woke up ...

After finally coaxing the son to sleep, I continued to slap ... half of the pop, the daughter woke up again ... finally coaxed the daughter to sleep again ... Then I slapped ... I woke up ~ oh ... you said this mosquito this year So much ...

9. Luxury

The economics teacher talked about luxury one day. In order to facilitate understanding, he said, "Do students know what luxury is luxury, assuming you shopping with your girlfriend, your girlfriend stares for more than 30 seconds, you pay for it When it comes down, then this thing is a luxury. "

The classmates will smile. Before you finish, "Continue, your girlfriend stares for another more than 30 seconds, classmates, then your girlfriend is luxury!

10. I am about to get married and prepare to hurry up with my mother to learn cooking. After practicing for a few days, I felt that the knife worker was okay, so I decided to fry a plate of potato shreds today. Take the potatoes, wash it, start cutting ... After cutting, after cutting, my mother came to inspect and looked at it for a long time, saying, "Girl, let's stew the potato strips!" I looked at it, it was really too thick, I don't blame my mother to hit me. I said, "Otherwise, let me do it again." So, I was busy again ... After a while, my dad looked at the dishes in the pot and said, "Girl Yeah, get the pigpen directly after you get cooked ... "