Funny GIF Fun Map: Usually I can't say it in person

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Funny GIF Fun Map: Usually I can't say it in person

2022-06-20 18:25:48 18 ℃

Funny GIF Fun Map: Usually I can't say it in person

1. Funny paragraph by Entertainment Red Leaf Editor: I have a college classmate driving a taxi. Once he got out of the car, the sun was dazzling. After a while, he felt painful, so he dripped the car with a few times of eye drops a few times. , Then put on the sunglasses and close their eyes! Suddenly, a girl came up and took the mobile phone navigation to show him where he was going. He calmly said: "I can't see it, you say where you are going!" The girl stunned for a long time and said, "Big ... Brother, no, I ... I'll open ... "

2. The home is in rural areas. It is particularly poverty. I have been talking about my first girlfriend after I became an executive in Apple. She was twenty years younger than me and was particularly sticky. Once I suddenly became ill in the middle of the night, I said that I was going to die, and I was going to die, so I must save her. On the way, I was afraid she kept talking to her when she fell asleep. I said: The company saw the uncle dying today. My girlfriend asked me how to die? I said: He lost his stock and suddenly had a heart attack. As soon as my girlfriend heard it, her eyes suddenly widened, her eyes turned, and she passed out ... Later, I knew that she had a heart disease. Did I say something wrong?

3. In the evening, I strolled on the pedestrian street. Passing by a shop, the marketer pulled me over and said that the shop was engaged in activities. Give gifts according to the constellation. Cancer, just get a big crab! My brother asked me what constellation was, and I didn't say it. I thought, the boss was really checked for his fat daughter of more than two hundred pounds. Guess what constellation I am?

4. A: "Do you know that a Hermes' bag can go to Europe to play! Even if you play all over the world, you may not have spent a sports car money. Living lies in the experience, not the brand's brand; , Not in luxury. In his later years, you can tell our stories to future generations; instead of a piece of overstide brand you have. "B:" I am a Hermes bought in Europe when driving around the world. "

5. The son saw that the little friend was playing chess, and he felt very fun. He returned home and said to his mother, "Mom, teach me to play chess." The methods of walking are different, you need one kind of land learning. "Mom said slowly. "No! I don't learn to go, how to win dedicatedly."