Funny GIF: Girl, don’t show love like this next time

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Funny GIF: Girl, don’t show love like this next time

2022-06-21 12:35:35 16 ℃

Xiaobian is back! Xiaobian continues to bring you the most funny GIF fun. See what interesting things have been said in this issue? Let's take a look! Funny GIF: Girl, don’t show love like this next time

Funny GIF: Girl, don't show love like this next time, okay, today's sharing is here! Is there a smile on your laugh? Welcome to discuss together, see you next time! Once, someone praised me. Later, he won 5 million ...

Small jokes: Recently, when I returned to my hometown, I slept with my mother. It rained in the middle of the night the day before yesterday. After I was awakened, I stomped up and closed all the windows. This matter, my mother: I know it is raining, I wake up. Me: Why can't you get up and turn off the window? Mom: I don't want to get up in the middle of the night, pretend to sleep! Me: What should I do if I get wet in the room? Intersection Mom: So I woke you secretly. Essence Essence Good intentions!

Small jokes: Go to her house with girlfriend, see her parents for the first time. When she ate at noon, her parents gave me a red envelope. In my heart, my father -in -law and mother -in -law are really particular about it. After eating, I chatted happily for the sky and left. When you come out, you have to see how much money is installed in the red envelope. Open it to see a red envelope and a piece of paper, which says: Far away from my girl, you are not suitable.

Small jokes: Suddenly hand to a friend, if he said, "Ah sink!" It is the northerner, if he says "ah heavy!" It is the southerner. Strike your friend's head hard, if he says "pain!" It is the northerner, if he says "pain!" It is the southerner. Of course, the dialect is ever -changing, which is not necessarily accurate. The main fun of this incident is that it is suddenly handed to a very heavy thing and hit his head.

Small jokes: Zhang San called the property company, saying that his roof was a bit rainy, and asked to send repair workers to repair it. The repair workers came over soon. The repair workers asked curiously: "Are you really careful, when did you find the loopholes?" Zhang San frowned and said, "I also discovered occasionally. Last night, I sat in the living room to drink soup, but I drank for two hours in a row for two hours. , I didn't finish the bowl of soup. "

Small jokes: Every time my colleague Wang saw my little brother, the younger brother's call, it made me quite embarrassed, so I found Sister Wang and said, "If you must call, can you remove the younger brother in the back? The younger brother, Sister Wang: But I think the stacking sounds are nice. I couldn't tell when I saw it: Otherwise, you call me a "big brother", so every time a female colleague will divide my meat, I will divide my meat. Snacks or something, make me fat.

Small jokes: A long -lasting beautiful beauty question master: "Master, my boyfriend's mind is all in the game, I ignore me at night, what should I do?" After I realized, "Master, I understand, do you mean that it makes me broad -minded and tolerate him?" The master waved his hand and said, "I mean I don't play games, I can come to me at night!"

Small jokes: When I went back to my hometown, I gave my mother -in -law a few pounds of abalone. I was afraid that the elderly were expensive, so I had to lie to her to say that it was only five dollars a pound, which was cheaper. Today I called her abalone if she finished eating. I didn't expect her mother -in -law to say that the stuff was too fishy. It was a pity that she chopped all the chickens, feed the chicken, etc., and my wallet seemed to vomit blood ~