Humor jokes: Late at night, when my husband left, he limped home and handed over a stack of banknotes to me

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Humor jokes: Late at night, when my husband left, he limped home and handed over a stack of banknotes to me

2022-06-23 00:03:41 14 ℃

[Humor jokes] After the son got married, he quarreled with his wife and was beaten by his wife. Just when I was at home, as soon as my son looked frightened, he asked: The boy was beaten? " Look at your kid, think about Lao Tzu ... Son: Dad, don't say that you're at the beginning, don't you do it? Me: You kid, you compare with me. I thought I was beaten at the beginning, and I frowned ...

[Humor jokes] In the middle of the night, I felt that the daughter -in -law pierced the quilt. I confused and helped her cover the quilt. As a result, I got up in the morning and said, "I dreamed that I would fly last night, who knows that I know to the air until the air. A large net like a quilt lived on me, so that I couldn't breathe. "I suddenly realized that when I covered the quilt last night, I covered her head. Some!

[Humor jokes] Late at night, her husband returned home as soon as he stepped his mouth, and his mouth was alcohol, and he gave me a stack of banknotes. It was initially estimated that it would look like 20,000 to 30,000. I was shocked: Where did I have so much money? Husband: Didn't you watch "Xibao" that day? Essence I looked around, and my husband continued: There is not a paragraph in it -if someone threw you with banknotes, it doesn't matter. Kneeling down, picked it up, it doesn't matter. When it is related to food and clothing, a little self -esteem is nothing. The second cashier's husband paused, and suddenly his face flushed: This is how the money comes. Ha ha……

[Humor jokes] I was drunk yesterday. My wife made breakfast this morning and asked my two -year -old daughter to call me for dinner. My headache was so bad that I didn't care about her. I didn't expect the bear child to repeat me without rest.

[Humor jokes] The girl who had a secret love in high school today called me and said: Did you get married? My heart is complicated: I am married. She said: Can you tell me your wife's contact information? I want to talk to her. I am very puzzled, do she want my wife to leave me? Then follow me? She heard that I didn't speak and explained immediately: Don't think about it? I am married, but my husband is ugly, so I want to ask her how to get along with a ugly husband!

[Humor jokes] The daughter -in -law is from Urumqi. In Xi'an, we are classmates in the same class. After graduating, I accompany her back to my hometown.我俩一起搬大衣柜时,不小心把我的脚给砸了,我忍不住吼了她一句,媳妇立马脸变绿了,朝我大喊:叫唤什么呀,一个大男人,柜子都不Will move! The mother -in -law came over and said, sinking her face and said to me, "Yo Yo, this meat -pinched kid is quite temper. Do you usually communicate like this?

I was scared and dare not say anything. My mother -in -law turned around and asked my daughter -in -law: After every quarrel, is he who took the initiative to admit the mistake and then came to coax you? The daughter -in -law whispered! The mother -in -law smiled and waved towards my hand: Meat the son -in -law, let's eat melon, let the dead Nizi move alone!

[Humor jokes] My cousin is more than ten years old, and it is good to me. In the third grade of elementary school, she temporarily became a Chinese teacher in my class. That day, she replaced all sides of me with a woman, and she was the best in appearance. When she was out of school, she suddenly asked me like I like it. Laughing out ...

[Humor jokes] The female boss raised my monthly salary to 15,000, provided that she was impersonating her boyfriend, thinking that it was just an impersonation, I agreed. However, I did not expect to accompany her out to entertain frequently. In order to convince others, I had to pick up her to get off work every day. Three months later, I became the company's new person in charge. I said it was promoted by strength, do you believe it?