Funny GIF Fun Map: Her meal can be compared with an elephant

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Funny GIF Fun Map: Her meal can be compared with an elephant

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Funny GIF Fun Map: Her meal can be compared with an elephant

1. In order to educate his child, his father came to a newspaper at home, and his father cut off the content he thought of the child, and then allowed the child to see it. Once the child's test was curled up, the parents were signed. The father saw the test papers one by one, and asked the child: "What is going on?" The child replied, "I lost badly Negative emotions... "

2. When I was a kid, I was too late. My mother slammed me directly. At that time, I cried hard, tears and nose flowed out, and I said that I did n’t dare next time. When I spoke, I flowed into my mouth along my face. When my mother turned around, I spit the nose on the ground. When my dad saw this, he shouted: The child, fucking, you can see it, and the son dares to do something wrong! Intersection Intersection

3. Expects everyone not to let my daughter -in -law practice taekwondo! Intersection Intersection In the morning, the daughter -in -law chopped the bones in the kitchen, too hard, and did not hold the knife handle without holding the handle. The kitchen knife flew out directly! Unexpectedly, the daughter -in -law was subconsciously kicked with her taekwondo that she had just learned, and kicked the kitchen knife with her feet. The kitchen knife quickly turned straight to me. At that time, I was squatting to the toilet and hadn't responded yet. The kitchen knife had been split on the toilet. I couldn't pull it out for the first time in my life ...

4. I planted some watermelons. I have been cooked these days. I haven't eaten it yet. I have been stolen by others. I was very angry. In order to prevent being stolen again, I specifically led the Erha at home. It was in the land. After two days, the Erha and the watermelon were gone ...

5. A: "Have you heard of Amway?" B: "Amway? Is that thing similar to MLM? I have a friend who has been hugged hundreds of thousands. Last time, someone sold me to me. What do you ask? "A:" No ... nothing ... "