Happy joke: shopping with my mother, bargaining

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Happy joke: shopping with my mother, bargaining

2022-06-23 06:10:07 8 ℃

Go shopping with my mother and bargain. My mother praised the little girl: "You are so beautiful, so capable, and marry a handsome guy in the future? Is there a target?" The little girl said with a blushing face, "No!" Mom immediately Pointing at me, "Don't consider my son, you see how handsome guys." The little girl glanced at me and turned her head away!

Under the beginning of the graduation party, she confessed to the female teacher. I did not expect that she immediately called a phone call. After half an hour, a man hugged a child over. Son. "I poured myself two bottles of beer for myself at that time and pretended to be drunk ...

When I saw a sisters who could skimming at school, I took a novice student to slip on the campus. The schoolmate suddenly said, "Sister, be my girlfriend!" Sister Sister said, "You can catch up with me, I promise you ! "Then I ran in this direction. I heard that going up is a flying leg, and I knocked down the school sister directly! Come on, schoolmate! The senior can only help you here! Eh, don't touch it! What are you doing? I help you ... ah!

I have been like a girl for a long time, and I confessed to her: "I am honest and honest. Although there are no cleverness, I have great wisdom, just like Guo Jing, I think you are my Ronger!" The girl said: "I don't look like I don't look like Huang Rong, just like Mu Nianci! "I was happy:" That's better, Mu Nianci almost matched with Guo Jing, and we just renewed their immersion. " I'm fine, if you don't think I take Yang Guo! "

I found that my husband bought a DR ring, and the result was not for me. I was sad and I cried for my girlfriend. My girlfriend comforted me: "You have finished drinking this bottle of 500 -liter mineral water now, I will help you revenge. I drank in one breath and then went to the bathroom. As a result, my girlfriend stopped me:" Don't go. "I blushed, and I shouted to go to the bathroom. My girlfriend pulled me and said," Do you still hate your husband now? Do you think this is a big deal? "I cried and said," Now except to the bathroom, everything else is It's not a matter.

A young man broke up with his girlfriend. Today, he came to the park again. Under the big tree who had dated his girlfriend, he passed the situation. Under this tree, he could no longer feel the warmth of love, and even the air smelled all the smells of the air smelling. When the young man was lamented, the sanitation workers came over and said to him, "Lady, please let me step on the shit."