Ten jokes: I ate barbecue the night before, but I lay down with my husband yesterday.

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Ten jokes: I ate barbecue the night before, but I lay down with my husband yesterday.

2022-06-23 06:10:09 7 ℃

1. A mm wrote in the state: "There is a man. He is not your boyfriend, nor your ambiguous object. You. You have held your hands and watched the movie together. I never said that I love you. I think this is Lan Yan confidant. "A brother left a message:" Isn't this your dad? "

2. My brother said that his IQ can be high and invented a patent. Assuming that Iron and Stone socks are equipped with iron and stone slippers, do you need to open your eyes at night, and you can connect your shoes automatically ... I asked him: "Did you throw the shoes out, and it will automatically return to stick your feet again?" My face, I know there is a good show watching!

3. In the winter, a girl in the dormitory sat in the bed and soaked her feet. She was soaked in the same vigorously. Suddenly, she thought about something. She reached out from the barrel washed and fished. We were shocked and said calmly: It's too cold, it's hot ...

4. Go to the stalls with friends to eat. A beggar walked to me halfway to me and said, "Boss, good people are safe all their lives!" I: "Big Brother, there is no money to eat in this kind of place." The beggar: "I know" me: "Then why don't you go to the star hotel?" Beggar: "It's okay to go there!"

5. A man was strict with his wife and went to the supermarket to buy cigarettes. As a result, he was hit by his wife. His wife thought, did he say that there was no private house money, where did he come from? At this time, the man came to the cashier, his wife rushed up. The wife sang: "Don't move, make the money out." The man looked at the tall and strong wife, took out a handful of money and gave it to her, and there were a few men who paid the money out ... '' '

6. My wife and my aunt went back to the streets and stayed in my house for a meal. During my wife's cooking, I talked to her on the sofa. Who knows that she is more terrible than his wife, and he is at all, and hesitant to offend her inexplicably. I was afraid she would say bad things to my wife, so I kept praising her with all kinds of conscience. When I ate, my wife stared at me and said, "How good do you see my sister, you have nothing to think?" I just wanted to explain, the aunt said in surprise, "Sister, I know my brother -in -law and my husband!" I almost fainted at the time ... Why do you say blindly?

7. In the evening, the female colleague turned me 520, and I immediately stunned and sent a few question marks to her. She returned: I'm sorry, I sent it wrong, and I wanted to send it to my husband. His name was very close to you. Me: Who doesn't know that you are still single, and last week, let us introduce the objects to you. Female colleague: Then you look at it, if you want to return it to me. So after receiving, I turned back. I just brushed my mobile phone and saw the female colleague sent the screenshot to the circle of friends, accompanied by three big red hearts. It seems that I am a routine ...

8. I realized a butterfly effect early in the morning. When I was walking on the road, I accidentally kicked a small stone, and the small stone flew out and hit the crumbling trash can not far away. The dog who searched for food, the dog rushed to the road like crazy. At this time, an electric car on the road rushed over to avoid the dog. Wayd to the shit at the feet ...

9. I ate barbecue the day before yesterday. As a result, I and my husband lay down yesterday. Early in the morning, my daughter looked at me a lot: "I don't want to take a calligraphy class today.

10. My daughter -in -law went to the vegetable market to buy food, and my son and I were at home. When I came to collect waste, I thought that there was not much pocket money this month. If you want to add inventory, take the broken fan at home and prepare to sell it. When I collected the waste, I opened a price of 5 cents for me, and I was stunned, and I couldn't believe it looked at my son beside me. The son stepped back and said weakly: "Well? Mom is not at home, do you want to sell me?" I: ...