Happy joke: I often travel with a driver with a driver, and once a long -distance driver opened a whole day

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Happy joke: I often travel with a driver with a driver, and once a long -distance driver opened a whole day

2022-06-23 12:37:54 16 ℃

When a woman went to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor asked, "How can you be uncomfortable?" The woman said, "I don't know what's going on. Every time I look at myself to the mirror, I always feel that the day is more beautiful." The doctor said, "I know you you know you What are the diseases, the cornea is seriously inflamed! "" After reading the thousand sails, I now find my girlfriend no longer pursuing looks, just look at the eyes. "" What do you look like? " Beautiful. "

The reporter asked an uncle of a peasant: Now the cemetery is so expensive that he can't afford to die. What do you think? The uncle replied: Then let the dead people die first. The reporter was stunned instantly.

A person with an unknown, seeing a bunch of people looking around the notice, bought two sesame biscuits, and got together. He looked up at the notice, and his mouth was together, pretending to be serious about thinking. An old lady wanted to know what the announcement was written. Seeing that he could read it vigorously, he asked him, "What is that?" Above? The above is sesame seeds. "The old lady pointed at the words on the notice and said," No, I asked the black one! "

The daughter -in -law had participated in the sea election stewardess and was shortlisted. I asked her: "Since you were shortlisted, why didn't he be a short sister? She was silent for a long time, and then slowly said," I have blown up at the formal interview! "I:" How did you blow it? "The daughter -in -law is very straightforward:" People ask me, have any work experience in time? I said yes! People asked me to talk about experience, and I said that I had worked on skyscrapers above 40 floors! "I:" Ah ... it's amazing my daughter -in -law! "My parents dinner with relatives, and my brother also went out to drink with friends. He was ready to steam some rice. As a result, he accidentally broke the biliary of the rice cooker. I was sensible and I hurried to give him things, and I hurried back to the room to sleep. After half an hour, I heard my dad taught his brother and went out to get drunk. Sleeping was good. Once I called with my boyfriend, I talked for a long time. Suddenly my boyfriend said, "I hung up, I am in the toilet, and I can't rub my buttocks with one hand. "I suddenly felt wrong, but I still said" Oh "hanging up the phone. I thought about what was wrong, and now think about it, who wipes her ass with both hands, Nima's excuses will not find a good Click. On the day of his son's five -year -old birthday, his wife bought him a small suit and was equipped with a small neckline. The son was particularly handsome to wear on his body. Dad, do you say that I look younger in a suit? "Frequently on a business trip, the company was equipped with a driver, and the long -distance driver opened a whole day. I saw him hard and let him take a rest. After less than ten minutes, he suddenly woke up at the co -pilot. Roar! Where did my steering wheel go? These two goods scared me.