Ask you, do you have a dog outside, you are talking!

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Ask you, do you have a dog outside, you are talking!

2022-06-23 12:37:49 16 ℃

Wang Xingren has always been a loyal and reliable guard in people's minds, but in the eyes of dogs, the owner is also the only one. Facts have proved that Wang Xingren's extreme loyalty to his owner and a little recognized. From the perspective of Wang Xingren, they must not tolerate the owners' long -term indifference to them, let alone the owner's intimate friendship about other pet dogs, but ignoring themselves. When the owner interacts with other dogs and cats, it will be jealous and will be very angry. In order to grab the owner, they even fight with other dogs and cats.

▼ Bago: The scum man with a dog outside still wants to come to kiss me again, it's really stinky ??

The situation where the big vinegar jar of the dog is overturned is not just limited to the owner. It erupts between the younger brothers and sisters who loves her deep love. Poke the dog 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, like this (I see this German animal husbandry, just poke the dog twenty times)

▼ De Mu: You said early with a dog outside, you squeaked, squeaking

▼ Dogs: Don't poke, hurry up and think about it

Of course, if the dog dares to refute a sentence, the heavy person will not know what the dog will do what is terrible and stormy. Essence

▼ German Mu: You have no conscience, watch the old lady not bite you

▼ The man saw a cute dog on his way home

So I touched it, and after returning home ...

▼ Wang who wants to touch the house is directly rejected

Alas, you have other dogs outside

Please remember not to touch the dogs of others!

▼ Since I have more goods at home, I have taken away my love, unwilling, and I have to hug.

▼ Master, the speed shot me, this product is not as good as me.

Hum, small, don't be proud, I will grab the owner back sooner or later. Look at the eyes!

▼ Eat the vinegar of the hostess

▼ The only one who kisses with the owner can only be me, mud green tea, play Kai!

▼ What you are carrying me with me, the owner is a dog, and no woman is not allowed to approach.

▼ Take your vicious hand away, I know you want to replace me.

There is nothing about you here, and it is useless to work hard. This position will only belong to me.

▼ Eat the vinegar of other dogs and cats.

▼ Master, don’t you say that you only love me in this life? The whole dog has a meaning!

▼ Touch me, touch me, and talk about each other for three seconds, without taking you like this for four seconds.

▼ It's my turn, master, you have touched it for a minute.

▼ Why is that idiot, I am the most handsome at home!

Don't touch it, you can bite it once!

▼ Touch me, my chin feels much better than the cat's head.

▼ Master, is this really your choice? Don't you really regret it?

▼ Don't grab me, this is preparation for me.

▼ Eat computer vinegar

▼ What are you doing secretly at the computer?

What looks good on the computer, come and play with me is serious!

Look, once the dog is jealous, is it so high that the emotional quotient is high! While it is cute, we are concerned about attention, and the owner has no ability to fight at all with it!