Funny GIF Fun Map: A three -year -old daughter went to her uncle's house to play

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Funny GIF Fun Map: A three -year -old daughter went to her uncle's house to play

2022-06-24 00:04:38 9 ℃

Funny GIF Fun Map: A three -year -old daughter went to her uncle's house to play

1. Several people discussed Mid -Autumn Festival to go to a female colleague's house to cook. Everyone said that they had good foods, some said cold dishes, some said sauerkraut fish, some said spicy chicken, etc. I didn't say a word in a while: "What will you do?" I thought about it and said subtlely: "I will have rice to cook mature rice"

2. When he was in high school, he was always bullied by several senior high school students. After school, I was beaten again and returned to the class to ask my brother for help: What to do! I might not live tonight! He patted the table: too much! Brother, you can rest assured! I definitely keep you peace tonight! I was particularly moved and immediately pulled his hand and said: You are really my best brother! After class, he took me to find the seniors: bully my brother, right? Waiting for the back door after school! After school, he led me to leave from the front door ...

3. When I met my father's first love, my mother told me very jealous: Then your dad almost married the aunt. I was curious to ask: Dad didn't marry? My mother said: I bought a ring with others, and found that my fingers were too rough, and my fingers married me.

4. Thinking of the time when I was in school, I recorded each lesson of the math teacher with a recording written for a while. Everyone praised me to study seriously. I said humility that this is also out of helplessness. After all, my brain is too stupid, and I do n’t care about taking medicine. I ca n’t think of other ways to treat my insomnia.

5. My mother is 17 years older than me, so ... to now, the cousin of the uncle's family read the third grade, my sister's son was in junior high school, and they were studying in the same school. Today, my nephew (sister son) was invited to the parents, and my aunt was out. When I arrived at the school gate, I met my uncle and entered the office. The teacher showed us the photos. The nephew was holding my cousin's shoulder. The teacher said: What do you two look like at school! We hadn't had time to speak, and the nephew rushed to say: The two of us used to sleep in a quilt, and it was nothing wrong with her shoulders. He was angry with his anger, and I explained with me, so that the teacher understood the relationship between them.