Joke: On the second day of the wedding, the daughter -in -law was sitting on the table after eating a bowl of rice.

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Joke: On the second day of the wedding, the daughter -in -law was sitting on the table after eating a bowl of rice.

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A salesman who promoted the vacuum cleaner from house to house came to the first one of a new building. He knocked on the door, a very patient lady came to open the door. Before she had the opportunity to speak, he ran into the house and poured a bucket of cow dung he brought to the carpet. He said: "Madam, if this vacuum cleaner can't have miracles to suck these cow dung, I eat them cleanly." She turned to face him and said proudly, "You have to add them on them Some tomato sauce? "The salesman asked puzzled:" Why do you ask this? "She said," We just moved in, and the electricity is still unreasonable. "


Thinking of the former high school, lunch, the roommate said that we called takeaway, but the whole vote passed, but no one knew the number. I decisively gave him the class teacher's number, opened it, fed, did the school stir -fry shop opposite the school, 8 soup powder, When the lower wall wall came to pick it up, there was no voice on the other side of the phone, and then my roommate received the soup powder brought by the class teacher to the side of the head teacher as expected as expected.


Last night, Laozhang had a few cold dishes and wanted me to accompany him for two glasses. When I raised the wine glass to respect him a cup, the old man took away the wine in my hand, and then said, "I usually want to drink, your mother is in charge of me, you will not care if you come. This wine is my you. Don't drink it, just talk with me! "Oh! Combining you this is to take me as a shield again.


Taxi today, the master opened navigation. After walking for a while, the navigator said: There is a plane 100 meters ahead ~ I worship it very much: What navigation is so high -end, can the plane detect? The master ignored me. In less than two seconds, the navigation said: The train arrives! I was startled: Can the train be detected? Intersection Master pat the navigation: Tianer is cold, this stuff is a bit stuck, you just listen to it. There are non -motorized lanes a hundred meters in front.


On the second day of her wedding, her daughter -in -law was sitting on the table after eating a bowl of rice, and she looked at her mother -in -law from time to time.

Then, my mother noticed, and hurriedly asked her: Did you finish eating?

Daughter -in -law: Hmm!

Mother -in -law: Drink saliva!

Daughter -in -law: Not thirsty.

Mother -in -law: Watching a TV.

Daughter -in -law: No good show.

What did my mother -in -law think of: Then eat a bowl again?

Daughter -in -law: Okay!


A father had no money, but there were two sons who called the two sons together when they were about to break, took out a pair of chopsticks from the bed, broke by the younger son, took out two pairs, and was broken by the younger son. One, the eldest son looked at it, and took it all over and broke. The younger son said, "You have no money in your life, are you teaching us to unite now?" The father said in a word with the weakest voice and exhausted. … "This ... is ... dry ... Long ... use ... pass ..."