Funny GIF Fun Map: downstairs Zhang Yan is an enthusiastic person

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Funny GIF Fun Map: downstairs Zhang Yan is an enthusiastic person

2022-06-24 12:24:34 10 ℃

Funny GIF Fun Map: downstairs Zhang Yan is an enthusiastic person

1. I can't stand my husband's cheap product. Last night I took a shower and sat on the bed. He walked in from the outside and said ambiguously in my ear: "Lao Tzu will let you feel what a man is. ! "At that time, I was quite shy, and I was embarrassed to look up at him, and then he stuffed the stinky socks in front of my nose ...

2. A few days ago, I took the material to the boss's office and pushed the door to see her kneeling on the ground for yoga. She said that the action of this action just learned it, which is beneficial to the spine and the stomach. I have no problem with my spine, but my stomach is not good, so I learned to do it for one or two hours when I got home. Today, the boss came back on a business trip, and I was in a good mood. Please make hot springs. There are so many people in the company. Only my knee and my lady's knee is purple ...

3、闺蜜因为喜欢网购和老公吵架,跑我这来了,刚来到就气愤的说:“他就是跪着求我,我也不会原谅他的。”一小时后,闺蜜说:“他If you come to pick me up, I will barely walk with him. "Two hours later, she said," Think about it is too wayward. If he calls me to go back today, it ’s okay." Three hours later, the girlfriend said, " Ah my clothes on the balcony have been confiscated, I went back to collect clothes first. "

4. In the third year of high school, the roommate wanted to go out to go online at night. The buddy said something that made me worship so far: "I gave birth to six weeks for six weeks, and I wanted to go out and even my mother couldn't stop, why do you!"

5. In 1219 AD, Genghis Khan led the army to the west. Due to the lack of cooking utensils, he could not cook. Taizu had a clever movement, and let the soldiers take off the helmet as a pot to put the barbecue on the fire, which solved this problem. When he inspected, he found that a soldier's barbecue was particularly popular. Genghis Khan stepped forward and tasted, and it was more fragrant than ordinary barbecue. Then he asked what tips for the soldier? The soldier scratched his head and said, nothing, that is, I have more oil.