What is the risk of blood type and cancer?In the end, people do not want to be sick, longevity?

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What is the risk of blood type and cancer?In the end, people do not want to be sick, longevity?

2021-11-24 23:52:51 16 ℃

About blood type discussion, never stopped. Speaking of blood type and health, there are many statements, such as:

'' A blood type person is not easy to cancer '' '

'' B blood type human immunity is better? '

'' O blood type people longest '' ...

As the research is in-depth, scientists find that the occurrence of tumors is indeed a secret connection with blood type.

25 years of follow-up finding the safest blood type is ...

In 2017, a study published in "Plos One" (public science library, comprehensive) discovered different blood type and cancer. This study was mainly conducted by the team of Shanghai Jiaotong University. It has begun to recruit volunteers in 1986, collecting everyone's related information, see what the risk risks have changed. After preliminary screening, more than 18,000 men were included in the study.

Since 1986, my country has recruited more than 18,000 volunteers in Shanghai, which follows up to 20 years of follow-up, revealing the mystery between blood type and tumors.

After a while, the researchers will follow up, see how their lives, have cancer. In nearly 20,000 men, O-type blood is the most common blood type, reaching 32%;

The second is 31% A type A blood, 27% B-type blood, and AB blood is very rare, only 10%.

In these participants, 3,973 men found various cancers, the most common, in fact, lung cancer, totaling 964;

Secondly, the second disease is colorectal cancer, 624; patients with gastric cancer have reached 560 people.

There are also 353 liver cancer patients, as well as 172 bladder cancer patients.

1. The risk of A-type blood is more risky

Compared with A-type blood, the incidence of non-A-type blood-digestive system tumors decreased by about 20%, including gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. Among them, the risks of B-type blood in gastric cancer and colorectal cancer decrease by 25% and 22% respectively, and AB type blood is reduced by 24% and 32%, while O-type blood is not significant. difference

2. AB blood type people have the highest risk of liver cancer

In liver cancer, the Risk of AB blood type populations is the highest, 42% higher than the non-AB blood type, especially more than A-type blood. However, AB and O-type blood can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer: the risk of pancreatic cancer in AB and O-type blood is reduced by 17% and 15%.

3. The people of B-type blood are relatively low in cancer risk

In addition to other influencing factors, it will find that the B-type blood is actually the most healthy, which can reduce the occurrence of cancer.

First of all, with A type blood, B-type blood, cancer risk is significantly reduced, so relatable relative to A type blood, B-type blood will be healthier.

Especially in gastric cancer, bladder cancer, and colorectal cancer, the risk of C-type blood cancer will be significantly reduced, and is not only B-type blood, even "the" contained "AB blood is not easy to generate gastrointestinal cancer and Colorectal cancer.

In addition, B-type blood and AB blood can reduce epithelial carcinoma and some adenocarcinoma, and anti-cancer effect is very sufficient. But B-type blood and AB blood are not perfect, in some sarcoma, and some blood cancer, the role of blood type is not as significant.

In the end, people do not want to be sick, longevity?

Yang Qing, chief physician, Hao Xi Hospital, Sichuan University, was introduced in July, 2021, published in his personal WeChat, "Yang Qingyi," Yang Qingyi, ", in addition to cardiovascular disease and cancer, blood type also has thousands of other diseases Wanxin relationship.

For example, based on the study, the population of liver hardening, diabetes, multiple neuritis and acute spinalitis is mostly. B blood type tuberculosis incidence is higher than other blood types and is very "preferred" for diabetes.

Among all blood types, the AB blood type people suffer from allergic asthma, and their probability of schizophrenia is more than three times higher than other blood types. The Okamotype has a high positive rate of Helicobacter (Helicobacter infection with chronic gastritis, gastric duodenal ulcer relationship is close).

However, in general, most of the relevant studies, o blood types are significantly lower than other blood types in patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Is that means that the life of the Okamotyman is longer than other blood stylists? (After all, there is more advantageous in certain diseases) This answer is still to be further studied.

Although blood type is related to many diseases, this is not the root cause of longevity. Because there are many factors affecting the occurrence of disease, the factors affecting life are more, such as living environment, eating habits and genetic genes, etc.

For the current research conclusions, the Types B, B, AB, and O-type are longer and longevity, and there is no exact scientific basis.

Therefore, it is better to change your living habits. Only develop good eating habits, sleep habits and sports habits can we pursue healthy longevity.

Blood type can only be a diagnostic reference of certain diseases, can't keep your health!