Is the knee pain pain from time to time?Where is the problem?

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Is the knee pain pain from time to time?Where is the problem?

2021-11-25 00:00:13 10 ℃

The pressure of the knee joint is the greatest, the structure is stable and very flexible, belongs to the complex knee joint, but with the growth of age, the knee joint will slowly degenerate, increase the frequency of pain.

What are the reasons for knee pain?

1, half-month "damage

The general athlete is prone to menistte damage, especially when the lower extremity is too large and the knee is bent, it may cause a half-monthtboard to tear. When the half-month board is injured, the knee is torn, and the activity will be restricted with the pain, the activities will be limited. When walking, it will be a swollen feeling of the section, and some patient joints will There is a sound.

2, there is a bad walking habit

Always wearing high-heeled shoes or walking along the long distance of the shoes, which will increase the force of the knee joint, thus bringing chronic damage to the knee joint, so that the knee joint has obvious pain.

3, suffering from knee arthritis

Middle-aged women will be more prone to knee arthritis, mainly due to overweight loads, such patients have obvious swelling and pain, and there will be friction when moving slightly.

4, incorrect movement

If you don't have a warm-up activity or strenuous, you will cause the pain of the joint. Especially for people with osteoarthritis or joint synovitis, they will increase joint pain. Especially when doing climbing stairs, the weight of the whole body will be completely attached to the knee joint on one side, withstanding too much pressure.

5, synovitis

If it is a synovitis caused by excessive fatigue or trauma, it will grave the liquid in the knee portion, which increases the pressure inside the joint. If it is not eliminated in time, it will cause joint adhesion, which ultimately leads to the pain of the knee joint and swelling and Pain.

6, the ligament of the knee joint is damaged

When the knee joint is slightly bent, the stability is very poor. If it is suddenly an external force at this time, it will cause ligament damage. The inside of the knee joint will appear significantly, and the inside of the knee joint is swollen, and the activity is also limited.


To protect the knee joint, avoid life in a wet environment for a long time, when you go out in spring, try to wear a knee to protect the knee joint to prevent cold invasion. It is recommended to take lightly, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid eating some high foods. For aged middle-aged and older people, try not to do weight and vigorous exercise for a long time, doing warm-up exercise before being hiking, while controlling time.