Pivot!Is only 47 years old!He has rushed to fight the front line of SARS, A stream, and new crown ...

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Pivot!Is only 47 years old!He has rushed to fight the front line of SARS, A stream, and new crown ...

2021-11-24 23:59:43 15 ℃

He has rushed to fight SARS, H1N1 stream

H7N9 avian influenza, the front line of new crown epidemic

Participate in rescue countless patients

November 20, 2021

First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Deputy Director of Respiratory Treatment,

Team founder Pu Qi Bin

A shiny star

"Zhejiang University First Hospital" official microfunction:

"We lost the best respiratory therapist

The most dedicated responsible doctor, the most amiable teacher

And the most rebornous colleagues

His death is the loss of Zhejiang University

It is also the loss in China's respiratory treatment. "

From SARS to the new crown


I can always see him firm figure

Pu Kin, born in 1974, participated in the work in 1994, has a very high accomplishment in respiratory treatment such as mechanical ventilation, airway management, and he is a member of the 8th Committee of China Medical Association Respiratory Treatment. IMPROVE Mechanical Ventilation Senior Training Course Teaching Material Editor and Certification Tutor, China 's Pathophysiology Society.

Pu Qibin's work is respiratory management, including ventilator management, artificial airway management, oxygen treatment implementation and evaluation, tracheal intubation, tracheal cut, etc., all need to be closely involved. It seems that it seems to be "simple", but actually requires extremely high skill: even if it is "staring at the ventilator" every day, it is possible to distinguish the patient's hazard signal from the data of the instrument. It is likely to be directly The life and death affecting the patient. He often needs to complete the operation with the patient, and the foam that may be generated at any time will surround the "crisis."

Even so, it can always see his persistent figure in a critical moment.

In 2003, photos of SARS, right three for Pu Kibin

In April 2003, as the first batch of medical staff, participated in the treatment of "SARS" critically ill patients, excellent completion of the task, and won the title of "anti-strike-resistant advanced workers" in the year.

In 2009, he served as a central hospital to the provincial health department and hospital, successfully participated in the first patient in Zhejiang Province; the same year was delegated to the Beilun Branch in the same year, successfully treated the critically ill person.

In 2013, all staff of the Department of Respiratory Treatment were actively involved in the treatment of H7N9 critically ill patients in 2014.

When the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the first case of N new-crowned pneumonia was closed from the Jiangyuan District of Zhejiang University, and Pu Qibin participated in the clogs of the neoguan pneumonia daily multi-discipline. He uses professional respiratory treatment technology to take advantage of a critical patient to treat new coronal pneumonia.

Left is Pu Kibin

A notebook is always placed in the white big coat pocket

"Go back to the hospital, let's take a look at the patient" has been used to habits

Familiar with his colleagues know that he is particularly good at summarizing, and there is a notebook in the white big coat pocket. The replacement frequency of the notebook is very fast, and it is densely numb to record a change in the condition of a certain day in a certain month. The reason is caused by the cause In-depth analysis of some difficult problems, constantly explore the causes of phenomena, and propose solutions.

He also has a hard disk, which has been prepared for many years. It will repeatedly scrutinize these difficult cases, sum up experience, and rationally use these experiences to clinical practice.

Friends gathering, eat halfway, ask where Pu Qibin is going, he will always say "Go back to the hospital, first look at the patient", or he is not trick, this has become a habit.

When his colleagues, students, friends, and their patients and their families have also remembered him.

Pu teacher, go all the way!