▶ I can't believe it!I often eat the yeast, the bread is harmful to the body?I can't hide the truth ...

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▶ I can't believe it!I often eat the yeast, the bread is harmful to the body?I can't hide the truth ...

2021-11-25 00:00:18 10 ℃

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Taro is generally traditional pasta in northern China. The northerners eat steamed buns, just like the southerners to eat rice. It is an indispensable staple food in life. Generally, the tread we eat is fermented with yeast.

However, in the past, there was no inventive yeast. People will use old-branched boy to ferment the steamed bun, and they will be more fluffy with older fermentation, but there will be some sourness, it needs to be neutralized with pure base, but if the reduction is not mastered Ok, the steamed steamed bun is easy to send yellow, and it is bitter, making the taste.

Now people will not use the old object to be born, because the current yeast powder fermented steamed bread will be more convenient, and the buns that have been fermented with yeast powder are not so serious, and there is no need to put the base, send it with yeast. The face, the production of the tread will be more fluffy, but some people are worried that the tread that uses yeast fermented will not have an impact on the body every day?

Often eat the buns of yeast fermentation, is it harmful to the body? For health, early understanding.

First let's know the yeast:

Yeast is a natural, nutritious organism, is an edible, nutritious single-cell microorganism, nutrition, known as "the endless nutrient source". The nutrition of yeast itself is extremely rich, and it can improve the nutritional value of pasta, which can provide amino acids and vitamins for the human body.

Then let's take a look at the yeast fermentation process. In fact, the yeast and old fermentation principle are the same, but yeast powder is a dry powder, it will be more convenient to save old-faced fermentation is also a high temperature of 30 degrees to 50 degrees. Thus, fungi uses a fungi to make flour fermentation.

Yeast Fermentation also converts the starch in the flour into carbon dioxide and glucose, so that the flour will expand in a honeycomb, and the steamed bread will be more soft and delicious. Yeast is like the upgraded version of the old, nutrition, and taste. It will be better, it is an ideal source of nutrients, and it is more likely to be accentured with gastrointestinal digestion, especially suitable for ill beast, children, and people who are not good for stomach.

So everyone can rest assured that there is no need to worry about yeast powder, not good for the body, now many people prefer the buns with old-fangs fermentation, I feel that this kind of steamed bread is more fragrant, in fact, because of the reasons of pure alkaline inside The taste will be better. In fact, if you fermented flour with yeast powder, then put a little soda in the production of taro, you can achieve the same effect and taste.

How does yeast use correctly?

Because the yeast we use is generally powdered, the temperature suitable for fermentation is about 25 degrees to 28 degrees, and the temperature is too high will kill the yeast, lose activity, so before the fermentation, first place the yeast powder into the bowl. , Then put the appropriate amount of warm water, in order to promote fermentation, it can be placed in a spoonful of sugar. After stirring it, put it into the flour, then use the wet cloth to cover it in warm place to ferment, fermented to twice the large It can make pasta.

In summary, we can see that yeast is a kind of fungi to the human body, the nutritional value is relatively high, not only makes the steamed bread soft and delicious, but also gives the body nutrients, so there is no side effect for the body. Don't worry, you will have an impact on the body, you can eat it with confidence, but you can easily get fat, and it is easy to cause the sugar sugar index to rise. Be sure to pay attention to control.