Too practical!This blood sugar cheats, sugar friends, please

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Too practical!This blood sugar cheats, sugar friends, please

2021-11-25 14:48:31 35 ℃

At present, the number of diabetes people in China has climbed the world's first. The World Health Organization said that nearly half of the adults in China were in the early stage of diabetes, about 500 million people. Diabetes has become one of the main chronic diseases that threatens the health of our country.

However, research shows that under the treatment and management of medical care, it can effectively help the high-risk populations of diabetes and diabetes patients delay on the pathogenesis, and even lifetime. Among them, diet management has a considerable status.

In order to help the sugar friends enjoy a better life, MOU has organized a lower blood sugar diet cheat, it is recommended to collect and forward people needed!

Tips: Diet

First, the order of the diet is very important! Simpal changing dietary sequence can help reduce blood glucose fluctuations.

Keep in mind - "Enlarge, post-meal, blood sugar and half"

Among them, fruit contains fruits and nuts, the vegetables are vegetables, meat recommending lean meat and white meat, the rice is mainly coarse grains, try to eat less noodles.

* Whether you are at home or go out, you should eat fruits and nuts, then eat vegetables, and finally eat meat or staple food.

Tips 2: Dietary components

Second, understand the component of the diet, each food is not superhand.

More scientific way is to refer to your fist size, half a fist is a copy.

Tips 3: Diet Architecture

The components per meal can be intake according to the following diet structure.

1 breakfast

Fruit 1

Nut 1 small / soy milk 1

Egg 1

1 serving of coarse grain

(For example: half a green apple, a soy milk, an egg, a yam)

2 meals between two meals

Fruit 1

Nut 1 small

(For example: a tomato, a small red leather peanut / walnut kernel)

3 dinner

There are two kinds of diet architectures available.

Fruit and meat protein

Fruit 1

Nut 1 small

2-3 vegetables

1 meat

2. Fruits + Rough Food

Fruit 1

Nut 1 small

2 copies of vegetables

1 serving of coarse grain

* It should be noted that the meat and staple food do not recommend mixing, which will promote the digestion of the digestive tract and accelerate the increase in blood sugar.

Tips 4: Food selection

It is important to reduce blood glucose to learn to choose the right food. Preferably, eating a low-liter sugar index (low GI), which can cause smaller blood sugar fluctuations, resulting in control of blood sugar.

Low GI food recommendation

Fruit: green apple, kiwi, tomatoes, pears, apricots, plums, etc.

* Fruits with high sugar content can be consumed properly, and there is a need to avoid high sugar content, such as mango, etc.

Nut: raw walnuts, raw cashew, born red leather, raw almond, etc.

Vegetables: rapeseed, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, zucchini, melon, cucumber, etc.

Beans: soybeans, peas, red beans, soy products, etc.

Oil: Pure olive oil, pure fish seed oil, pure tea seed oil, pure sesame oil, pure corn germ oil, etc.

Domestic food: buckwheat, oatmeal, black rice, brown rice, millet, corn, yam, sauce, etc.