The back neck has a "meat", the longer the longer, but the doctor does not treat it?Why?

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The back neck has a "meat", the longer the longer, but the doctor does not treat it?Why?

2021-11-25 14:50:10 53 ℃

A few days ago, there was a male patient in the clinic. I saw him just entered the door, let the doctors looked at his backheel, while touching us with hand, while worried about what we have to have a tumor.

"Tumor?" I heard this man asked this sensitive word. We didn't dare to neglect. He went to the man's back, and sure enough, on the back of the man, long as a look very like a tumor, and relatively large Meat. " According to the man's description, it is not intended to start, but this "meat" is, the longer the big, especially like a tumor, helplessness can only come to the hospital for help.

After listening to the man, we all face each other, smile, then tell him that this is indeed a tumor, but it is definitely not a tumor. Go home for a few days, usually. As soon as he heard, the man was like a negative.

It is estimated that many of the back neck positions, like this man, will lead to a "meat" similar to a tumor, the longer the longer, the bigger, even some pain, this is a bit?

The "meat" of the back neck grows, what is it?

This kind of thing is not a "tumor" that many friends are scared, although it is a tumor, but there is another name called "lipoma."

In general, the lower layer of the human skin will have a layer of subcutaneous fat, and the subcutaneous fat is in a uniformly distributed state, but if there is too much fat intake in the short term, the endocrine disorders are caused by the state of life, and the subcutaneous fat The cell partial hyperplasia, then a "small 小瘩" that grows out is a fat tunoma.

And because fat cells will continue to enhance, the fat tunoma will continue to be large, especially in the head, neck, arm, and back to back, there are probability of lean fat tunoma, partial performance is soft. Block block. However, please don't worry, the hyperplasia of the fat tunoma is limited, and it will completely disappear after a few days, and it will not cause damage to physical health.

And the man above, although there is a lump on the neck, but has constantly proliferating, but there is no pus and a break, so his neck "meat" is naturally possible to be fat, nature is not Treatment, just take a rest for a few days.

But saying it back, this "瘩" If you don't submit a long time, you will have a certain impact on your daily lives. Is there any way to help accelerate fat tunoma recovery?

"瘩" does not regain for a long time? Try the following three methods

Method 1: Appropriate ice

Lipoma is formed because of the continuous hyperplasia of subcutaneous fat cells, and if we can find a way to suppress fat cells to continue hyperplasia, it can also have a certain effect of promoting fat tumor dispersion.

In terms of the characteristics of fat cells, it is not resistant to low temperature, so a friend who is surprised by fat tumor, can freeze some ice in the refrigerator, and then gently rub the lipoma in the position of some small ice cubes, will Low temperature is conducted, inhibiting the growth of fat cells, and the fat tumor can be restored faster.

Method 2: eat more soft and delicious food

In essence, it is a kind of soft tumor, so a part of the food that has a soft and delicious food, and it can help us to promote the dissipation of the fat tunoma, such as pears, walnuts, Malan head, red bean, etc., is a good choice for inhibiting fat tunoma growth. It can be intake in the daily diet.

In addition, during the growth period of fat tunoma, some may promote silt, resulting in a food that exacerbates fatty symptoms, such as radish, duck blood, fried marinated food, etc. Reasonable choice is the key to the food supplement.

Method 3: Adjust the endocrine of the body

It has been mentioned above that a major cause of fatness is because of lifestyle defects, leading to endocrine disorders, and then induces fat tunoma production.

Therefore, if we can help adjust your living conditions, balance endocrine, adjust the body to a healthy level, and fatty tunoma can also restore faster. For example, life abnormalities such as stalling, overeating, irritating, etc., actively correct, not only can promote dissipated lipomas, but also make very obvious help for the adjustment of physical health.

It is necessary to remind you that although the fat tunoma has almost no risk of cancer, and most of the growth can be retired for a while. However, if the lesion of the lipoma is too deep, and the proliferation of fat cells is too strong, and the fat tumor can not be retired for a long time. At this time, you should consider going to the hospital, resection through surgery, so as not to bring greater impact on daily life and health, but also pay attention.

All in all, such as neck, limbs, and back to the place "瘩", please don't worry too much, it is very likely to be a fat tunoma, as long as you actively adjust your life on weekdays, peace of mind, often quickly can recover. Several recovery methods of the article, I hope to give you a reference and give you a certain help.