Recruitment | Harbin Institute of Technology Life Science Center is looking for young talents

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Recruitment | Harbin Institute of Technology Life Science Center is looking for young talents

2021-11-25 14:49:17 18 ℃

Harbin Institute of Technology Life Science Center recruited youth talents

Introduction There is such a college, and people will often think of it in the strong strength of aerospace, defense, engineering and other aspects. "Strict specification, kung fu home", this school has set countless first for China and even the world. It is Harbin University of Technology. In recent years, Harbin Institute is the main battlefield for the world, facing the economic main battlefield, facing the people's lives, and hosted a lot of life in the field of life sciences, showing its strong strength. In 2014, Harbin Institute of Technology reveals HIV toxic factor structures. This result crashed into the mystery of 30 years in the field, so that China's AIDS structure biology research ranks among the forefront of the world, and it has important scientific significance and clinical intelligence and clinical for human beings. Application Value - Harbin Institute of Technology enters people's vision in the formal research of school life sciences. In 2019, Harbin Institute first analyzed the structural scientific problem of T cell receptor-common receptor compositing, and answered the basic scientific problem of T cell receptor structure in the immunization. It has important scientific significance for analyzing T cell activation. The immunotherapy of T cell receptors provides a key structure basis. This result has also become a milestone in the field of international cellular immunization research - Harbin Institute of Life Sciences once again moves towards the frontier of the international top research.

In various rankings, Harbin Institutes have achieved the same bright eye: 2015, Harbin Institute of Technology and biochemistry entered the first 1% of the world's global; in 2019-2022 US News World University, the domestic ranking of biology and biochemistry top ten. In October 2016, based on the significance and huge influence of human health, exploration of nature, social development based on life sciences, as an important growth point of Harbin World's first-class university and first-class discipline, and the pioneer of "13th Five-Year" Education Comprehensive Reform , Harbin Institute of Technology Life Science Center was formally established. As the first academic zone of Harbin University, the Life Science Center pilot has integrated scientific research, and the comprehensive reform and innovation of the system mechanism, and explores the establishment of an efficient and scientific and research operation mechanism for international lands, providing youth talents. The research funds and first-class administrative services, the goal is the world-class basic life science research institution, which has become the innovation in the field of life sciences and the creation of innovative talents. After nearly 5 years, the Harbin Institute of Life Science has complete scientific research and talent training system, and it has built a refrigerated electron microscope platform, an imaging analysis platform, a mass spectrometry platform, a nuclear magnetic resonance platform, an antibody analysis platform, and an experimental animal platform. The first-class research platform.

Today, Harbin Institute of Technology Life Science Center is standing in a new starting point. I look forward to the dedication to the free exploration of scientific truth, and feel the beauty of free science, and I will write a new chapter of the original life scientific research. With doctoral or medical doctoral degrees, with two years of postdoctoral or independent research work experience, international influence of scientific research results, can independently carry out innovative research, with the potential of international first-class levels of the discipline in several years. The field is a neuroscience, microorganism and immunology, biological physics and structural biology (freezing electron microscopy), metabolic, chemical biological, nano-biomaterials and cell tissue engineering, proteomics, DNA damage and repair, genome editing And the field of basic biomedical research in the field related to human diseases or transformation applications. 1. Forefront annual salary: 500,000 yuan - 75 million yuan; 2. Research startup funds: 10 million yuan (2 million / year, you can apply for additional funding) for laboratory reagents, supplies, personnel Hire, small equipment purchase, etc.; People, 2-3 people enrollment, laboratory personnel recruitment can be self-employed by postdoctoral, technicians; 6. Life guarantee: housing conditions: 50-70 square meters of turnarings; education resources: suitable age-age priority to enter the Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology And Harbin Institute of Technology, assistance to arrange spouses; medical security: Harbin Hospital, Harbin Hospital, Harbin, Harbin, Harbin Institute of Technology.

The evaluation assessment implemented the Tenure-Track system, hired for five years, implemented international peer assessments, and assessments will receive a lifetime position.

Application Manual applicants need materials such as job trust, personal detailed resume, research plan, three recommendient names and contact information (merged into a PDF), mail is sent to [email protected] PI.

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