15 phenomena of a person is healthy

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15 phenomena of a person is healthy

2021-11-25 14:49:53 16 ℃

Provide a reference for the majority of cadres and decisions.


Don't like crude tea

The diet is not a fat and better.

It is too light to cause malnutrition, buried a lot of hidden dangers. Eat too light, but let aging are more serious.

A survey results show that:

"People who don't eat meat are doubled than those who eat meat in two days."

Therefore, the diet can also be too light, and some meat should be eaten properly.


At least once every day

If you want to go out every day, you have a healthy thing about your mentality and action.

It is recommended that all middle-aged and old friends, even if it is a person, I also insist on going to a door every day, even if it is a walking down.


Every week, you will get a dinner.

Most middle-aged and old friends are more likely to eat at home, think that the outside food is unhealthy.

In fact, we can also eat eating.

One week, put on the favorite clothes, bring your own old companions, calling a few old friends, enjoying a young man, trying to have never eaten foreign dishes, is also a pleasant and active experience.


Aesthetic attitude

People to middle age, moderate "old" is not only the needs of personal physical and mental health, but also the needs of modern civilization.

White hair is dyed, it looks young;

The beard is diligent, which allows the face to keep the face clean and rejuvenate.

There is a lovely mentality, not only beautifying yourself, adding spirit, but also beautifying the society, becoming a "sunset landscape".

It is also beneficial to social activities, benefiting from physical and mental health. As the proverb said, "the old, less, less."


Know how to let go

After middle age, the relief of the release is put down.

Don't be difficult to get into yourself, wron yourself, don't be strong, don't entangle it.

We have passed the age, and life is already not bad.

If you don't care, who will really care?

Know how to let go, the mentality will be better, you can see more, naturally, longer, happiness.


Willing to accept new things, new ideas

The era has changed, and the concept of life is constantly changing.

We can't always keep the consequences of the past, and we must know how to keep pace with the times and learn more about the new concept.

If you are willing to go out of the house, explore this wonderful world, accept the bigest things and ideas, then you must have a person who is enjoying life.



According to the "American Psychologist Journal":

"About 17% of Americans are Le Tianpai. They have a positive attitude toward life, with clear purpose and strong social identity, they are more healthy than those who have pessimatic."

We should strive to maintain optimistic attitude and actively seek the meaning of life.

In the Okinawa or Japan's Okinawa, there are people in the world's longest life.

They work hard work, but they pay more attention to spending time with their families, enhance their mental state, and like to help others.


Cheerful, like to make friends

As the saying goes, many friends have multiple roads, saying that one of the people's scientists, and a study of Australian scientists show that friends can also promote longevity.

There is related research results show:

"The old man who has been in contact with more than 5 intimate friends, is 22% lower than the late mortality rate of relatively small friends."

Friends can help people with pressure, solve difficulties, and motivate health habits.


Love cleaning things

If you are a regular cleaning of the items, and let people who will throw away things, congratulations, you have a one.

This shows that you have a longevity potential.

At the end of the family, only the necessities of life, and others can clean up.

In life, don't buy something you need; if necessary, buy it.

I will find it after you clean up, or the original home, but I seem to live more comfortable.


I really like my friends.

The Psychological Associate Professor of the West Dacarry College, McCadin said:

"Good interpersonal relationship is a good pressure reduction agent, and I know someone has always supported you, will keep your body and mind."


Have a wife with you

The young couple is old, and the couple who accompany their lives is the most important.

Home is a good meal, coarse cloth, and know how hot wife.

Old, I really understand that the old people who know cold are the most precious wealth of this life.

There is a born old companion, life, life will be more happy, naturally, will be healthier and longevity.


Like to play with children

If you like to play with your own grandchildren, or other children in the community, you like to make a child, indicating that you have a child that is never old.

If you sneak smile in the morning, live in the afternoon, you caught the small tune in the mouth, and the snoring is sleeping in the evening, that is, your life must be very happy, full, childlike.


Body is weak

Now people are "thin as beautiful", but in fact, slightly fatigue.

"To the elderly, the micro-fat human bone density is high, the mortality is low, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, diabetes is low, and the ability to adapt to the environment is strong.

When the flu disease, pneumonia and other diseases occur, the thin elderly are more likely to infect, and the micro-fat elderly are relatively good. "14

Most more willing to walk

A new study for 2603 men and women shows:

"People who insist on 30 minutes a day can be defined as people who are healthy."

Regardless of how high the fat content in their body is more than a longer than 30 minutes a day.

Similarly, there are also research, obese women, can improve their heart health through a 10-minute movement.

So may wish to walk the road after lunch, try to do more exercise every day.


A pair of strong legs

Standing on the wall, slowly walk slowly, then return it back until you keep a steady state, but the lower half of the back should always be close to the wall.

Do your best to keep this posture, do once a day, and increase the time for a few seconds.

If you have 1-6, then you have to continue working hard, adjust your living habits and mentality, you can have a healthier body.

If you have 7-12, then you are not bad, you look more than the average number of peers, there is a longevity.

If you have more than 13, congratulations, your mentality and face are very young, and the chance of healthy and longevity is also very large.