Pan from medical completes 30 million yuan PREA round strategic financing

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Pan from medical completes 30 million yuan PREA round strategic financing

2021-11-25 14:48:18 13 ℃

On November 25, 2021, clinical immunization medical enterprises were generally completed by Medical declare completed 30 million RMB PREA strategic financing. This round of investment is from the initiating, Ruijiang Kang Sheng Fund, which is investing in Rujiang Investment, including spark venture capital and Changjiang Yuantong Fund. Inc., in medicine, has obtained the first blood tumor MRD (micro residual lesion) EU CE registration certificate. It is reported that this round of funds will mainly use the promotion of blood tumors and the development of clinical new products.

MRD (micro residual disease) refers to a state in which a malignant tumor is subjected to a trace tumor cell remaining in vivo, which is the root cause of tumor recurrence. Accurate MRD detection is the basis for personalized precision medical care for patients, predicting clinical results and layers in the risk of patients for guiding treatment decisions, early predictive tumor recurrence, determining bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. In March 2021, the EU-MRD obtained by the first blood tumor MRD detection product from the medical research and development has obtained the Qualification of EU CE admission. NEO-MRD is based on NGS platform, high accuracy, high accuracy, automation, etc., can also monitor new high-frequency clones, assess the immune system reconstruction, can greatly help the global blood tumor micro-residue industry develop.

Pan is due to medical technology platform, the founding team published the first domestic leukemia NGS MRD paper, and more than 20 immunohma have high levels of the papers, and apply for more than 20 patents. In international / The Chinese Immunology Academic Conference and the National Immunization Group League (AirR Community) have issued an oral report.

Professor Liu Xiao, Professor Liu Xiao because of medical founders:

Clinical immunoassay and treatment have a large number of patients that have not been met, and it is committed to the development of the dry and humpt experiment to functional verification, and is committed to the screening, diagnosis of the development of immune-related diseases. Clinical products of treatment and prognosis, layout technology, clinical testing, immunotherapy, and immune health.

Proper Medicine CEO Xu Guowei said:

The company PREA round financing has been favored by Kang Sheng Global, very thanked Ruijiang Kang Sheng Fund, British Spark Capital and Changjiang Yuantong Fund to the company's innovative ability and ideas. Through this cooperation, we will explore and develop better testing techniques and immunotherapy drugs, serving the majority of patients, making life full of hope.

Cang Sheng Global Board of Directors Presentation:

The company will continue to actively build the frontier technology platform in a variety of forms, explore the future technology development direction of the clinical self-study industry. The company's strategic investment is generally medical, will make full use of both parties in the product development, data accumulation, sales channels, etc. In addition, Huang San specifically pointed out that the clinical application of the immunoholic library was very wide. Except for MRD detection of tumor, it was also applicable to autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, transplants and immune reconstruction, development, medication and vaccine assessment. This market is very large, and many excellent companies will emerge in the future. In addition to investment in advance, for different application directions, Kang Sheng Global is also actively cultivating the incubation of immunogenic bank projects, and new technology and business exploration.

Zhao Jinqiang, chairman of Ruijiang Investment, said:

The fund of Rujiang Investment Management is an exclusive leader of the general medicine. It is the trust of the extensive medical expectations, and the approval of the future development of the immunohma. Special thanks to China's special inspection excellent industrial leader CHEN SG Sheng Global support for Ruijiang Kang Sheng Fund and the support of medical treatment. We believe that under the common efforts of the tripartite, it is one of China's leaders in the construction of immunized platforms and genetic testing and treatment. Discover value, create value, create unlimited possibilities with excellent entrepreneurs, is the consistent tenet of Ruijiang Investment.

Dr. Lu Xiaosheng, a spark venture partner, pointed out:

High precision diagnosis of tumor MRD (micro residual lesions) is critical to the evaluation of patient treatment and follow-up treatment rehabilitation. Properly Medical Card Blood Tumor MRD High Accuracy Diagnostic Market, has four core technology, building high barriers, and clinical immunization testing platform-type enterprises to build China leading the standard Adaptive, will benefit the majority of tumor patients and families.

About the fund management company Ruijiang Investment Introduction (Management Ruijiang Kang Sheng Fund and Changjiang Yuantong Fund)

Ruijiang Investment was established in 2012, headquartered in Wuhan, with branches and teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong. The company's vision is to meet the needs of good life with high quality financial services and products. Main business covers equity investment funds and industrial investment funds. Discover value and create value, and excellent entrepreneurship is our consistent idea.

The company's founders graduated from the University of Chicago, the company's management team and the investment team consisted of senior, investors with international vision. The growth period investment fund focuses on medical, hard technology, environmental protection and education industries, the company's current management equity investment fund, past LP includes listed companies, parent funds, family office, etc.

About spark venture

The core management team of the Spark Venture Survey is from the leading professional venture capital, which is a professional venture capital, which is a professional venture capital investment in the initial basin, and has a growth period, including Oxford University Magdalen College Fund, Sincere Insurance, European Government Investment Fund, Capital, etc. Institutional investor funds. About Usage

Shenzhen Pan Medical Co., Ltd. is a preferred supplier of data and technology in immunological precision medical fields, relying on the immune group NGS technology, providing product solutions for disease discovery, testing, monitoring and treatment. Committed to preventing major illness, accurate detection of diagnosis and treatment process and precision medication, thereby achieving full process of accurate treatment, and improving the length of life.

About Kang Sheng

Cang Sheng Global was established in 2007 and is China's first and leading independent clinical special inspection service provider. At present, Kang Sheng Huanqi has established a dominant position in the China's independent hematology clinical special examination industry, providing one of the world's most widely bloody testing portfolios. Providing extensive testing services for hospitals, contract research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, with a wide range of inspection projects and customized high-quality special inspections in a very cost-effective way, assisting doctors optimizing diagnosis, thus choosing personalized treatment options for patients.