Who is the essence or dirt?8 adults don't understand, it is a white stew.

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Who is the essence or dirt?8 adults don't understand, it is a white stew.

2021-11-25 14:50:21 12 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a doctor of Chinese medicine. Today, in the summer, the weather starts slowly, and it has also produced great changes to people's body. For example, the skin is therefore lack of water, causing the skin looks very rough, the image of the whole person has become bleak. Or because of tree flowers, your immunity is not strong enough, causing allergies sneezing, and even rash, but not only affects beauty, but also causing life. Especially for children, the skin is more delicate, and it is more susceptible to harm. So, what method can make everyone in the summer, the skin is sucking, the skin is bright, whether it is an adult child, become a beautiful landscape? Let's introduce a dish, you can do it.

These white foams are essential or dirty substances? Most people are wrong.

If the white foam is generated during the beginning of the meat, these foams are cooked because of the reasons for high temperature boiled, and they will boil all the impurities and bloods in pork. At this time, the foam cannot be eaten.

There is no foam when you start cooking, and a bubble will appear after a while. Then, these foams can be eaten. Most of these foams contain protein, fat and other ingredients. We can stay. If you waste these soup, it is a waste of nutrition.

The protein content among pork has reached 13%. When you eat pork, you can absorb the protein and nutrients in the among you, whether you are a teen or old people, you can often eat pork to supplement nutrition.

Of course, not only in pork, in the process of cooking, there will be bubbles, as well as a lot of pickles, fruit juice, noodles will have a bubble, do not need us to get rid of it, these foams will bring benefits to the body. Of course, if it really doesn't like these bubbles, it can also be selected according to individuals.

This dish is not only nutritious, but also contains a lot of ingredients for the human body, but also delicious, how to eat is not greasy. Whether it is adult, you can often try to eat, it is very good, and this dish is simple and convenient, will not delay everyone too much time, especially in the summer, I believe everyone will I don't want to stay in the kitchen for too long, and this dish will not cause such problems. How, is there a heart? Take your heart! I am a doctor of TCM, looking forward to meeting with you next time.