Long-term sedentary, the risk of cerebral infarction increased by 7 times!How long does it take to sit for a long time?

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Long-term sedentary, the risk of cerebral infarction increased by 7 times!How long does it take to sit for a long time?

2021-11-25 14:49:59 13 ℃

Sitting home to rest, I can not exercise, this is not a daily day, for the current many office workers and white-collar women, they all become a chair, the chair is a chair chair, also That is to say that it is more and more time to go to work in the chair, and it is getting more and longer with the chair. So what harm is this hazard?

First of all, what do we need to know how long is it? Without a recognized specific numerical standard, for most people, more than 8 to 12 hours a day, don't move, common people, including long-distance drivers, programmers, students and Watching TV at home, Of course, our doctors are especially easy to sit down, and it is necessary to emphasize that the time for sedentary is not to take 4 hours, then get up again for 5 minutes. It is not a long time to sit back in the same posture. The time long here is mainly to accumulate the accumulation of our time every day, long-term sedentary hazards will have the following major hazards.

First, according to a research report, for people under 60 years old, those who are more than 8 hours and non-exercise compared to those who are sitting at least for 10 minutes a day, those who are not exercising every day, the risk of brain stroke is 7 times higher. This is mainly because the sedentary will affect the glucose, blood lipid metabolism and blood circulation in our body. Over time, it is possible to induce hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, resulting in an angiopherosclerosis of cerebral vascular angiopheriament, induces the stroke happen.

Second, it will lead to obesity, the truth is actually very simple, long-term sedentary, there is a lot of eating, these excess energy and nutrition will turn into fat, store in our body, and obesity is important for multiple chronic diseases Risk factors, such as the diseases such as second diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

There is also the health of our gastrointestinal intestines, which will increase our gastrointestinal intestines, so that their peristalsis is weakened, and it is easy to induce abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastric intestines. Of course, it will also induce the incidence of cervical spondylosis. The cervical spondylosis is very common in office workers and white-collar workers. The main reason is that the normal physiological curvature of our human cervical vertebrae has changed long-term.

Finally, it will increase the risk of venous thrombosis of double lower limbs. In some news reports, some people have been flying for a long time, and when the plane suddenly stood up, suddenly syncopened, after examination, diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, the main cause of pulmonary embolism is due to the venous thrombosis of the double lower extremitic Resulting. And if you want to avoid long-term sedentary, the main measures for our body's harm are more exercise, more sports, at least half an hour.

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Ok, I will talk so much today, pay attention to medical discipline, pay attention to neurology.