Is the stomach polyp a warning signal of gastric cancer?Understand clear to

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Is the stomach polyp a warning signal of gastric cancer?Understand clear to

2021-11-25 14:49:43 12 ℃

The medical examination is what many people will do every year, the biggest benefit of physical examination is to find out the problem and lesions in the body as soon as possible! Many diseases can be found in the physical examination. For example, polyps is a common. Since polyps are abundant organisms that appear on the mucosa, many patients will unconsciously link polyps and cancer. So stomach polyp is a warning signal of gastric cancer? Understand the clearness, you can have no problems!

First, the stomach polyp is a warning signal of gastric cancer?

The stomach polyps are indeed a warning signal of gastric cancer, but as long as it develops a good life and eating habits, there will be no cancer changes in time and correct treatment of more than 80% of the stomach polyps. For stomach polyps, the two factors we are most concerned is that the size of polyps and pathological types, especially those with pheasant polymetary cyclic cancer varies.

In addition, endoscopic examination doctors will also comprehensively determine the assessment according to specific situations such as endoscopic polyps. The gastric polyps is greater than or equal to 1 cm, and the risk of cancer may increase, usually it is recommended to cut underwent cutting, greater than 1.5 cm, must be removed.

Second, can the stomach polyps can only be treated?

In fact, stomach polyps can be eliminated. Compared to surgery, the polyps can be removed by drug elimination, but can not only remove polyps, but avoid the recurrence of polyps. The stomach polyps are "stomach pain", "full", "full"; if there is bleeding, it is a "blood test" category. However, the "Lingshu · Water Dezel" has been mentioned: "The cold passenger passenger, with the guards, the gas is unfortunate, because there is, the happens, the villain is," thinks the gastrointestinal Due to the pathogenesis of the disease, the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal, blood stuffed.

After the patient can use the intestinal stomach polyps, the patient can be used in Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine, control the development of polyps, eliminate the symptoms of discomfort, inhibit polyps, gradually shrink, make it eliminate, then strong body, and finally avoid recurrence. The volume has exceeded 1.5 cm, the symptoms are severe, or other symptoms like cancerous changes or cancerous changes (in principle adenomae polyps need to be removed), the surgery should be carried out in time to avoid cancerous changes in cancer, endanger the patient life.