The belly is often screaming, but also always fart, what is going on?After reading or help you

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The belly is often screaming, but also always fart, what is going on?After reading or help you

2021-11-25 14:47:57 18 ℃

If you feel scream in life, you may think that many people think that hunger is hungry. In fact, some people's stomach not only scream, but also with frequent fart.

The stomach is often screaming. In medicine, it is called the intestinal sound. When the intestines are working, if the moisture and liquid in the body change, we will hear the voice of the scorpion, the bowel sound will cycle a few minutes, It will ring once every 5 to 6 minutes.

Although it is said that fart is a normal phenomenon, but in public places, it is easy to have embarrassing situations, then the stomach often screams, but also always fart, what is going on?

The belly is often screaming, but also always fart, what is going on? After reading or help you

Digestive function is relatively poor

The digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract is divided into physical digestion and chemical digestion. Physical digestion refers to the abrasive of chewing and gastric sinus by teeth, refining food.

Chemical digestion is based on further decomposition, mainly on bile and pancreatic enzymes. No matter which cause, the absorption or poor digestion will enable nutrients into the colon.

After nutrients enter the colon, they will stimulate the growth of fungus, and the nutrients in the intestines in the intestines will produce gases, which will lead to frequent stomachs, and always fart.

Eating bad things

Everyone has their own eating habits. If you like to eat easy-to-gas food, such as radish, onion sweet potato, etc., these foods will produce a lot of gases.

Gas enters the intestines, constantly cycle, will send out the sound, and will accompany more phenomena. For the metamorphous food, don't eat anymore. Eat a metamorphic food is easy to cause gastrointestinal disorders, and there will be a stomach screaming and frequent fart.

Wolf to eat

If you feel very hungry, you will be a wolf to swallow the tags. It will harm the health of the body, and when you eat, the wolf swallowed to brought a lot of gases, and the gas enters the stomach as food.

After the food is digested in the stomach, these gases will gradually expand, resulting in problems with bloating, while also increasing the number of fartings.


If the usual pressure will lead to the body, the body is often screaming and fart, because the body will have a spiritual disease in high pressure, affect the health of the gastrointestinal, leading to digestive system disorders.

If the emotions are low, the appetite will not be very good. At this time, eat will affect the digestion of food, and the stomach will often scream, but also always fart.

Intestinal disease

The stomach is often screaming, and it is always fart. It has a certain relationship with the intestinal disease. If there is an intestinal obstruction, it will make the space of the intestine becomes much larger than before, and many gases are easily formed in the stomach.

In turn, some sounds will be issued, and the number of fart will also increase, it takes time to go to the hospital to check, take drugs in the doctor's tall, avoiding the impact of life.

If the stomach is often screaming, you can abide by the following suggestions.

This phenomenon caused by different reasons, mitigation methods are also different. If it is a physiological factor, the belly caused by physiological factors is often screaming, and it is always fart, you can press the abdomen every day.

There are very many acupuncture points around the abdomen, which can promote the blood circulation and metabolism here, and can promote intestinal motility and metabolism, relieve the discomfort of the gastrointestinal stomach, do not use too much force when pressing, and maintains appropriate strength.

At the same time, pay attention to adjust the eating habits. Don't eat while you eat, you have to stay 7 points, don't eat too fast. For food choices, you should eat less spicy, high-fat food. It is recommended to eat more green vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, can promote digestion and absorption, relieve intestines and fart more.

If the spleen and stomach is not good, you can eat more foods such as yam, millet, improve the spleen and stomach function, and relieve the abdomen discomfort. If it is caused by pathological reasons, it is necessary to pay attention to the hospital as soon as possible.