Small knowledge: How much is your goat milk drink every day?

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Small knowledge: How much is your goat milk drink every day?

2021-11-26 00:17:50 8 ℃

How much do you know? For example, my sheep drink every day, when do you drink, how to drink, do you know? How much goat milk is drinking? Drink less difficult to play the effect, drink more difficult to absorb and use, need to work according to the physical age, work to study and consume the lamb milk drinking.

Goat milk is recommended to drink

Recommended drinking amount of goat milk: Generally, 400 ~ 500ml a day. Maternity, development, physical weakness, major illnesses or physical brain power consumption should be 600 ~ 700ml. Will not exceed 1000ml a day.

Tension heating method

Goat milk powder is rich in nutrients, and the toddler and old man with weak gastrointestinal function, it is a very natural nutrition supplement, then how should goat milk powder rush? How should fresh sheep milk heated?

Milk milk powder punching method: The recommended temperature in water when the milk powder is 45-55 ° C, the proportion of milk powder and water is 80ml of water per 10g milk powder.

Fresh sheep milk heating method: Do not need to be re-cooked when heating, only the cassette is soaked into hot water to heat it to fresh milk, it can drink, too high temperature heating, which will damage the nutrients and active ingredients of fresh goat milk.

When is my sheep milk?

In the morning

In the morning, the body is in a state of various nutrients, and the metabolism and consumption of the nights have made it possible to supplement energy in the morning.

When you get up early, you can add enough nutrients and energy. The contents of proteins, vitamins, trace elements in goat milk are much higher than that of milk, and the protein particles of goat milk are small, and the distribution is uniform and meticulous. Unsaturated fatty acids, easy to digestive absorption.

Nutrients in goat milk are easily absorbed and can quickly provide energy to the body, awaken the body's limbs and brain vitality, and adjust the human body faster from the tired state.

After entering sleep, the level concentration of calcium in the blood will gradually decrease, thereby promoting the secretion of the hypertrophy to the antibody, the secreted hormone acts on bone tissue, so that some of the calcium salts in the bone tissue, dissolve in the blood to maintain blood calcium Stable balance. Such dissolution is the self-regulatory function of the human body. If the blood in the blood is insufficient for a long time, it will cause calcium deficiency, malfunction, and osteoporosis.

Drinking goat before going to bed is conducive to calcium absorption and use, and the plain milk content is rich, and drinking can be carried out in the sleep state during sleep.