Do this 5 points, let the old man with cognitive illness

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Do this 5 points, let the old man with cognitive illness

2021-11-26 00:16:55 2 ℃

Don't be difficult and painful, "life end" this topic, it is not easy to discuss, and it will be uncomfortable when discussing. However, if there is an elder in the family, in the final process of life, we all want them to comfort.

Willing to learn and better understand the end-of-child care, you can increase the opportunity to get a positive experience. Hereinafter, the attention points about the autonomous officials are given to help caregivers provide some comfort to the end of the last stage of life.


When life is close to the end, the time to sleep is often more than awake. In the past few days, they may be in the depth sleep state, when you try to wake them, you can't get any response, this awareness reduction is normal at the end of life. However, you may not realize that the medical community is generally believed that people can still hear what they happen around, speak, music, and others.

So, when you are close to the elders, it is important to realize that you are ongoing dialogue. Try to use calm, slow voice directly to them, put some music they prefer before. Of course, there is no need to spend a speech, or play music, quiet and quiet. But remember that familiar sounds and music are an important source of comfort.

2. Visual

Visual usually does not use often as other sensors, if the elders are cognitive, their vision may shrink sharply. If there is any cataract or glaucoma, it will lead to decline in vision. If the vision is very vision, but because there is more time to sleep, when you open your eyes, the visual processing speed may decrease.

Therefore, try to keep an arm in an arm, too close or too far, they may not be able to easily concentrate. You can also show some pleasant items in close range, such as flowers, photos, paintings.

3. Taste

Many elders in the final stage of life, difficulty in swallowing, no appetite, and the body's nutritional demand is less and less, and even feel hungry. Many elders will stop eating, however, some elders still like to taste some of their favorite food or drinks.

Food can make people feel happy, and for the elders at this time, it is still effective. Even if they are no longer eating, they will like to taste delicious food. Careers can put a small amount of drinks or food on the mouth and encourage them to gently get the taste, and you can carefully observe the reactions in the feeding process.

4. Smell

The elders' smell will gradually weaken, especially the elders who have cognitive diseases, but the pleasant smell is very helpful to the elders. Put some smells in the house, such as: flowers, fruits, and smells of rice.

Essential oils can provide fragrance very quickly and portally, for example, pour essential oils on a scarf, and the elders can smell the distance. Different tastes have different experiences, you can try different smell of essential oils for the elders to see the reactions of the elders.

5. Tactile

Like the sound, the elders can feel the touch, even if they may no longer have power to respond to your touch. In this process, the elders may experience a comfortable feel.

Pay attention to, slight, short touch, will cause itch, like a small bug climb on the skin, may cause the elders' concerns. Therefore, slow and gentle pressure. Some elders like to be gentle massage to relieve pain; other elders prefer to put the hands around the people in their hands, shoulders or knees.

It is recommended to remind them your existence through visual and verbal before touching your elders. For example, if the elders closed their eyes, then I can try light "grandmother, I will see you". If the elders have not responded, close to a point and repeat, then touch the elders. If there is no reminder before touch, it may be scared.

In the final process of life, it will be very painful, but the elders talk to the heart, can help them complete the final transition and remain calm. Speech or play music, close to them so that they can see you, provide some smells they like, let them know that you are around, let the elders know that they are being loved and care. Doing this, it also helps to bring a little peaceful and calm for your own heart.