Baoan live epidemiological training project officially launched

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Baoan live epidemiological training project officially launched

2021-11-26 00:17:20 4 ℃

In order to strengthen the construction of the talents of the Baoan District Disease Prevention and Control System, improve the training ability of professional and technical personnel on-site epidemiology, on November 25, Baoan live epidemiological training project (Bafetp) officially launched and held the first game Training.

According to reports, Field Epidemiology Training Program, FETP is an advanced training approach advocated by the World Health Organization, which has played a large role in the development of public health undertakings. The training program has been in five. There are 35 countries or regions in the continents.

China's live epidemiological training project (CFETP) is founded by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2006, Baoan District CDC became one of the only two districts (county) CFETP training bases in the country. Since the cultivation of 18 CFETP students, a number of live epidemiological achievements participated in academic exchanges at home and abroad and achieved awards. After more than ten years of precipitation and development, Baoan District CDC has accumulated rich experience in base management and fruitful research results, and gradually forms an excellent teacher team, providing solid support for strengthening the construction of the whole district. .

In recent years, Bao'an District has been in the hub of the sea and empty traffic, and the risk challenges in the face of sudden public health events are more frequent, and the valuable experience of the CFETP Baoan base is urgently needed to strengthen the construction of the team.

To this end, the Baoan District CDC officially launched a Baoan live epidemiological training project (Bafetp), through the training of the scientific system, established a professional and technical backbone team of training, technical and technical, in order to improve the public health of Bao'an District The event emergency system is under construction. The project will adhere to the "dedication, team, explore, truth" FETP spirit, enrollment in public health related majors in Baoan District public health institutions, medical institutions, pumping agencies, and society, etc., widely cultivated professional technical backbone, Take the training form of centralized theoretical courses and on-site practice, effectively improve the overall professional quality and practice skill level of the professional and technical personnel of Baoan District, in order to create a high-level financial talent library, think library, and exchange research platform Further improve the overall capacity of public health incidents and on-site epidemiological surveys, build a Great Wall, prevention and control of Baoan disease, and protect the health and safety of the people.