The medical insurance will send "welfare"!54 kinds of "negotiation" drug pharmaceutical stores

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The medical insurance will send "welfare"!54 kinds of "negotiation" drug pharmaceutical stores

2021-11-26 00:18:13 10 ℃

On November 24th, the Municipal Medical Security Bureau officially launched the "Dual Channel" mechanism of the national medical insurance negotiation drugs, and clarified the patients in the fixed-point medical institution and fixed-point retail pharmacy, purchase negotiation drugs, and integrate medical insurance payment.

The Medical Insurance Bureau introduced that 54 kinds of clinical values ​​were selected, the patient was urgently needed, the alternative is not high, and the useful cycle is long, and the cost of high medication is incorporated into the "Dual Channel" management. Most of the national negotiating drugs can only take medicine in the hospital, and enjoy medical insurance reimbursement. When the patient bought this part of the drug in the pharmacy, the drug was at 30 yuan more than 30 yuan, and the individual had to pay the proportion of the purchase of the drug amount, first pay, eligible to reimburse the remainder according to the medical insurance policy. In order to let the medical insurance patient feel the bonus of negotiation drug price reduction, "Double Channel" is directly affected by medical insurance reimbursement treatment, and the burden of medical expenses of the patient will be further alleviated.

The Medical Insurance Bureau introduces, "Dual Trigation" management drugs implement medical institutions, responsible physicians, fixed point pharmacies and other three-specific management mechanisms, urban areas incorporating "Double Channel" Management Hospital for the City Center Hospital, Municipal First People's Hospital, City Chinese Medicine Hospital, PLA 991 Hospital, Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Municipal Zhongxi Medical Association Hospital, Ir Eye Hospital. The county and urban areas are included in the National Negotiating Drug "Double Channel" Management Hospital by the local medical insurance department to determine the announcement according to the regulations. Patients have strict regulations in designated negotiation drugs in fixed-point pharmacies. Insured patients must have the responsible physician of the medical institution incorporated into the "Double Channel" management to buy the prescription to purchase the drug to the "Double Channel" pharmacy.

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