I am from experienced medical path to evidence-based medicine.

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I am from experienced medical path to evidence-based medicine.

2021-11-26 00:17:29 6 ℃

I have learned Chinese medicine generally experienced three stages.

At the beginning of the initial stage, I read the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics" and "Yi Jing" and other works. I feel that these books are very reasonable, quite "the medical treatment of the world, so I don't have the feelings, I feel that Chinese medicine is beautiful." I still have written some text of "Yellow Emperor" and "Easy". Later, I felt that this type of text was not rigorous. I felt very embarrassed myself, I deleted these words.

After you have to do this, you will more like "Treatise on Febrile", "Golden Chambers", "Temperature Strike" "Temperature", "Thousands of Secrets", "Millennium", because of the patient's The problem is still to rely on the specific therapeutic methods mentioned in these books.

After the treatment, it was found that these two books were not practical enough, and most practical is the doctor. The ancients cloud: "Reading Wang Shu and is not as good as the throw", the medical case is the experience of other doctors, and the medical case can make up for the shortcomings of their clinical experience. Most medical cases are not illustrated by the classic work. Some clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. When treating one or a certain type of disease, they have an unique experience. They have almost the same agents used by the same disease. I brought It is also quite effective in use.

For example, Sun Bing is the doctor's medical case for cancer, Zhu Yongxian, the old doctor for treating skin disease, Wang Weide treats a penetration doctor. They treat a certain type of disease, the prescription is basically unchanged, and the effect is repeated, and it is quite accurate medical taste. In fact, these doctors' medical cases are very conforming to the idea of ​​modern evidence, if these doctors have been trained in evidence-based medicine, learn clinical epidemiology, can design scientific clinical control tests, accumulating the convincing data Reduce medical uncertainty.

Many Chinese medicine practitioners listen to the concept of modern medicine evidence, they will have a headache and dissent, they emphasize the difference between Chinese medicine and modern medicine. In fact, evidence-based medicine is just an idea and idea of ​​improving clinical efficacy. The idea of ​​evidence-based medicine is: "Based on problematic research, follow the evidence decisions, pay attention to practical consequences, post-evaluation, stop in good" It is not only available for modern medicine, but also suitable for Chinese medicine. If it is just a Chinese medicine enthusiast, you can don't have to care too much about the evaluation of clinical efficacy, but a clinical practitioner has to care about the evaluation of clinical efficacy.

Just love Chinese medicine, learn from the Chinese medicine theory and talk about people, do not give people a disease, mostly stayed in the primary stage of studying Chinese medicine. In this primary stage, some of the "Yellow Emperor" and "Easy" are useful, and its use is not in clinical efficacy, but in preventing disease. So we can also say that they are some of the good ancient prevention medical books.

But from the ancient Chinese literati, there is a common problem: good words and light. In ancient literati's work, this kind of power is filled, for example, our ancients often say "Inner Shengwei Wang", think that individual cultivation has reached the highest realm, is the well-deserved king, to govern the country with Wang Dao, must . We flip through China's history, you can see how ridiculous this kind of ideal thinking about it is. People who have reached the realm of "Na", they have never been king, but the "king" of the later generations is used as a tool for rule and improving the people. The most typical is Confucius; from the ancient rule of the rival "The realm is not there, they ruled the country, relying on force, Zhu Yuanzhang and Liu Bang, even can only be rogue.

This kind of "good words and light" also affects Chinese medicine. Therefore, many Chinese medicine enthusiasts have always had an illusion. They feel that a Chinese doctor will learn, and they will enter, and what disease can be cured. I often encounter such a Chinese medicine enthusiast. They don't think that the disease is difficult to treat is an objective fact, but it feels that the Chinese medicine is not falling. It is the current Chinese medicine. The level of Chinese medicine is too bad. If you don't get the level of God, if you can reach the godification The extent, it will not die so many people.

These people have a lot of patients or family members of patients, I can understand their feelings. But it must be pointed out that this idea is very ignorant. Just go read the history books, it is not difficult to find, they are a respected doctor, in fact, up to this realm than they want. Sun Simiao was regarded as a folk deity, but His Holiness in his writings admits that many patients die in their own hands, in certain diseases, mortality as high as seventy to eighty percent ( "died in my hands those ten seven or eight ").

Some people believe that a good Chinese medicine is equivalent to a general hospital, this idea is unrealistic. In modern medicine, general practitioners generally only treat common ailments, while doing triage work for incurable diseases and seriously ill patients. This is because of too many types of diseases, doctors really want to learn a whole is not easy, when a general practitioner it is hard to do in-depth research on disease specialist, time and effort are not allowed. In more and more refined social division of labor today, a doctor cure, the patient is undoubtedly extremely irresponsible behavior. My mother was such a general geniuses delayed, if not he, my mother's stomach cancer can be found earlier, the cure will be much higher success rate.

When I began to learn traditional Chinese medicine, is also thinking about the future what disease treatment. However, in clinical practice after work, they realize that their energy and time are limited, should apply themselves to a selection of in-depth research continues. I do not want crap what a high of savvy person can pass Belden, cure all diseases can be learned through the levels. I was in high school went to school, the first school subjects, physics and chemistry can test out, the level of writing is the first school, very few can score higher than the second school, higher than the second best school time name one hundred larger share. I say these are not brag about myself, but that if people like me have no such thing as perception, then China would not talk about how many people have the perception. If you need Chinese medicine such harsh conditions in order to learn, it means the practical skills, you do not have to promote.

I'm realistic, I do not have that magic savvy, there is no cure all diseases of the ability to learn through the level, that is, on the one kind of disease specialist, my effects are very limited. Over the years I have worked very hard to learn, can only be a little bit to improve their medical skills, far below the state are instant. A few years ago I was searching around different people, but most of them have met different people God is a liar and a stick. Many people put their understanding blown marvelous, even classical Chinese have read do not understand.

Most practitioners still very strict honest, I met a lot of good teachers, they have been correct my shortcomings, some teachers better for me to grow up, I often criticized mercilessly. Each received one such criticism, I can obviously feel that they went a big step forward.

Today, I deeply appreciate the science cure the disease is not easy thing, doctors to patients, the society must be sincere, must be rigorous and realistic in their work. Tangbu so, we will mislead patients, delay the patient's condition, sin is not light. The reason for frequent patient disputes, also with this. Chinese medicine a person to steady the line Zhiyuan, you can not take the road of "big words and positive light," the.

Medical development today, is has been in progress. Human chose the evidence-based medicine as today's mainstream medical thought, is a collection of many people's experience and wisdom. Experience traditional Chinese medicine from the transition to evidence-based medicine, need to do a lot of basic work, but work to do down, both for traditional Chinese medicine itself, or this group of practitioners, as well as to the public, all pluses and no minuses of .

There are also many people laughed at Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine believe that the lack of controlled clinical studies, unscientific, thanks to Mongolia. I do not agree with this sentence, what I most like to see is the specialist medical cases - especially ones that have a complete medical history, can be pursued to real patients, rather than some doctors order to attract business and coined Medical case, I see a lot of specialists for a lifetime of effort spent on one or a limited number of diseases, their treatment of their own excellence program, which some valuable results. From the perspective of evidence-based medicine, their clinical study can be used as evidence of the high level of confidence.

Of course, I say this is not to deny that general practitioners. General practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, does have significance. Western medicine is also general practitioners and specialists, which is a different division of the health care system. General practitioners and specialists are complementary, and both are important in the health care system. And a specialist first have to undergo a comprehensive medical education before they can carry out research in specialist terms, otherwise, it is easy to Glimpse of leopard, tunnel vision.

But we also see that the so-called general practitioner actually are good at only a limited number of common diseases, these diseases have a mature treatment options. Exaggerating the role of traditional Chinese medicine or doctors exaggerate a comprehensive ability, is untrue. A medical student who, after all, still have to gradually embarked on the road of specialization and refinement. More to the professional and precision go, the more you can appreciate the benefits of evidence-based medicine. After all, the more accurate medical programs both patients 'needs, but also the doctors' expectations.