Check the cancer, how should you adjust it?

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Check the cancer, how should you adjust it?

2021-11-26 00:15:46 17 ℃

Regular exercise

Studies have shown that proper exercise can improve the reaction ability of the body in the case of physical conditions permit. Yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics, etc. can effectively reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

2. Keep sufficient sleep

Long-term negative emotions will affect sleep quality, which in turn affects the treatment effect, can relax by stabilizing breathing, body and thinking through situations and meditation, or to relax by playing relaxed music, improving sleep quality.

3. Learn to release bad emotions

People often talk about cancer colors, they believe that cancer is equivalent to being sentenced to death. These reasons will also make people feel hopeless, increased anxiety, depression, etc. Negative emotions. Appropriate emotional expression and venting can help everyone regain anti-cancer confidence and courage.

4. Cultivate hobbies, transfer attention

Enjoy music, play chess, or flowers. People will be full of confidence in life as long as there is hobby. In addition, you can regularly participate in health education and mental health lectures, improve the cognitive ability of the disease, increase the communication between the peers, encourage each other, can accept more professional psychological intervention, and improve the treatment of enthusiasm.

5. Relaxation

Cancer is easily caused by the fear of disease progression, but what has happened, it will be went, and the cancer is also the case. Reduce unnecessary bad emotions, don't think too much, adjust your mentality in time, and actively face and accept treatment is the right way.