Enhertu is expected to break HER2 positive colorectal cancer treatment

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Enhertu is expected to break HER2 positive colorectal cancer treatment

2021-11-26 00:17:09 5 ℃

Author: Hong Kong Dian An Medical Center

Founded in 1964, the US Clinical Tumor Society (ASCO) is a world leading tumor academic organization that provides professional organizations with medical and tumor professional services for cancer patients.

The annual ASCO annual meeting is the highest level of clinical tumors. Many important research discovery and clinical trial results will be released at the ASCO annual meeting. The American Society Of Clinical Oncology, ASCO annual meeting is over, and the following information on rectal cancer is summarized:

Normal colorectal cancer is the third largest common cancer in the world, and it is also the second common lethal cancer. For patients with metastatic colorectal cancer after a first-line treatment, the subsequently optional treatment is limited, and the patient has a disease torture, and the prognosis is extremely poor.

Destiny-CRC01 confirmed the role of ENHERTU (DS-8201) in HER2 overexpressing colorectal cancer.

2% ~ 3% of colorectal cancer presence HER2 amplification / overtrece. The DS-8201 is an antibody coupling agent targeted HER2, and this year ASCO released the DS-8201 latter Treatment of Destiny-CRC 01 studies of patients with colorectal cancer patients.

DestinY-CRC 01 is an open label II study. Patients with colorectal cancer receiving 2 ≥ line treated are divided into three queues, A (n = 53): HER2 IHC 3+ or IHC 2 + / ISH +; B (n = 7): IHC 2 + / ISH-; C (N = 18): IHC 1+, patients accept DS-8201 treatment, the main study end is ORR.

The results show that the confirmation of queue A is 45.3%, DCR is 83.0%, the median reaction duration (DURATION OF RESPONSE, DOR) 7.0 months, median PFS 6.9 months, median OS 15.5 months. The ORR of patients who have received anti-HER2 treatment were 43.8%, and IHC3 + patients were 57.5%. Queue B and Queue C Medium PFS 2.1 months and 1.4 months, median OS 7.3 months and 7.7 months. ≥ 3 TEAE is 65.1%, the most common AE is bone marrow inhibition and gastrointestinal reactions.

DS-8201 shows good activity and continuous reactions, safety, and uniform, with the result of the DS-8201 for HER2 overexpression colorectal cancer patients.

There is currently no batch of specific therapeutic drugs for patients with HER2 positive colorectal cancer [6], and the unique advantage of Enhertu in tumor relief rate and disease control rate will be expected to break HER2 positive colorectal cancer treatment, for the majority Patients bring new hopes.

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