Chongqing Hiroshi Tang ENT Hospital Sharing: What are the specific hazards of tonsillitis?

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Chongqing Hiroshi Tang ENT Hospital Sharing: What are the specific hazards of tonsillitis?

2021-11-26 00:16:33 21 ℃

What are the specific hazards of tonsillitis? Tonsil is a common throat disease in our lives. There are many patients with tonsillitis. Each patient is plagued by this disease. Tonskitis is very harmful. Many patients ignore the treatment of tonsillitis because they don't understand the harm of tonsillitis. Let us introduce what harmful of tonsillitis.

The specific hazard of the good hospital of Chongqing children see the tonsils, the specific harm of tonsillitis is as follows:

First, swallowing pain, difficulty breathing. This is because tonsils are important breathing portals, and inflammation will cause sore throamer edema, and the tonsils are obviously swollen, congestion, will block the respiratory tract, so there will be difficulties in breathing, in addition, swallowing will cause pain, and even the throat, and therefore It caused difficulties in eating, and patients were more refused to eat, and the nutrient elements for a long time were lacking.

Second, causing the breathing of the tales to become more serious, sleep respiratory disorders. This is because normal ventilation drainage is disturbed, and night sleep is easy to apnea, it is easy to cause hypoggicia, which will cause memory loss, headache, heart tightness, cardiopathical failure, heart disease, high blood pressure and other adverse consequences.

Third, the tonsillion is not handled, it will easily cause repeated episodes, and may also induce serious complications. Like rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, otitis media, myocarditis, nephritis, pneumonia, rheumatic heart disease, etc.

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