The deepest gratitude: I know all your pay

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The deepest gratitude: I know all your pay

2021-11-26 00:17:10 5 ℃

Today is Thanksgiving, this may be the warmest day in this winter.

Because we will be more willing to think about people and things worth grateful.

It may be a big event or a small thing. It may be a good thing or a bad thing.

For example, a stage of success, a meeting in a failure, a special person, or a surprise, a picture of the photo, a moment of impressing you.

For us, I want to thank us to share myself with our family's story.

Thank you

Let me see the unselfish love of the old generation

@ 李晓凤

I am now giving me a child in Beijing. I haven't been in the past 8 years. I have no idle will be in Beijing. I will give them a meal. I will give them a meal, send the child to go to school, pick up the extracurricular class, isn't it tired?

No way, life pressure is big, I should have lived my own life, but the child is no one, what should our elderly? Whether? Can't bear it.

My time, my energy has given children, but I have received my family safe and healthy, I am happy, I will be content, the people are like this life.

Thank you

Let me see the onset of the young people

@ 李小清

I am a north drifting. I am in Anhui Province. I went to Hainan for a year, and then came to Beijing. I used my father's words that my child was like this, and I farther away.

This year, my mother bought a pseudonym, and then she told me, "I found that I have a lot of white hair, but I have dyed it." I felt at that time, my parents were really old.

I hope that one day, I can get more powerful, you can take my parents to my side, take care of them every day, accompany them, let them have a very happy old age.

This is a great dream. I don't have that confidence that I can realize it, but I will work hard, very up, I will do my best, ready to come.

Thank you

Let me see the father's responsibility

@ 张 美 俊

The child is going to school, and the child must go to school. I have a good job since my lover, I have finished renting a house, the living expenses of each month, etc., I am very big, I am here to go to work.

Do you say that a man of this age is tired? Old care, small, take care, things are also more, money is hard to earn, really tired, you buy a house, you have to go to school, I want to buy a car, but you have less money, I can't do it, I The toothbrush is all hotels, a towel has been used for many years.

In fact, I have no relationship with a rough point. They have to spend money outside. I am different from us outside. I am too small to see; I have to make my body better, children need us to take care of us Old people need me to take care of it, take care of them.

Thank you

Let me see the mourning of middle-aged couples

@ 勇

In March 2, the love of the digestive tract is not good, abdominal pain, diarrhea, she is afraid of bowel mirror, there is no test, I have a lot of luck to some extent, thinking that maybe it is ok, I have a painful medicine. NS.

Later, I found the thumbs up on the Yunpin Medical platform. After the test was positive, there was a bit nervous, and I ordered a gentleman. It is a positive. I will pay attention, I will pay attention to it, I will pay attention to it. Take her to do the colonoscopy, I confirmed the intestinal cancer.

It's very sad, but I can't show it. I immediately contacted the big hospital on Qingdao to do surgery. I was not late. I didn't have a surgery in my love. I also started system chemotherapy under the guidance of a doctor. Now the body is gradually recovered.

Tomorrow and accidents, don't necessarily come, no disease, health and health, good life is flat.

Thank you

Let me see the persistence of health practitioners

@ 白琳燕

When I first started to do health management, I didn't know what it was, and when I truly understood the health management of the health, I found it is actually particularly difficult.

My customer doesn't love sports, and they give the reason for no time exercise. I will tell them a word, if you don't have time exercise, you must have time to get sick. When my professional skills are constantly improving, I found that I really need not to be annoying, whether you accept or accept, because it is too important.

My good lifestyle, I must practice, affect my family, affect my customers, affect my friend, I will pass the health concept and behavior to them, they will also pass them around them. The person, one pass, 109, 2030 healthy Chinese port will be realized.

In this Thanksgiving, Thank you for your users who share the story of life, thank you all your users who have supported our users behind.

Now let me talk about it, you can thank yourself or others this year.

We will draw 5 users in the comment area to send a small can tea + often clear. I hope that screening can bring you a calm sitting. He smoked 10 Jingdong card with a value of 50 yuan, as a thank you for participation.

If you still have a sentence "Thank you", I didn't say it. Today, it is the day before I can't express it.

Activity time: November 25th - November 28th

Lottery time: November 29 (next Monday, remember to see if he has a winning prize)

Activity conditions: only Note Health users

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