The devil virus is ready to move: Kill the 500 million people, once the flooding can extract human extinction

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The devil virus is ready to move: Kill the 500 million people, once the flooding can extract human extinction

2021-11-26 00:15:24 19 ℃

First look at this picture, I believe that there is such scars on a little bit of people.

Some people know this is awkward, and some people don't know. In fact, this is a trace named "Suvus" vaccine, which is very simple, is to prevent the ceramic virus!

In 1980, WHO announced its global survival. In other words, the vaccination in 1980 will be to be deserted, after all, it has not been destroyed, and it does not continue to vaccinate.

In other words, there are almost all of the people under 40 years old, and there is no immunity to the ceiling.

It is better to compare the resolution of WHO. These years do not have cases of infection with ceramics, we don't need to worry too much. But the news in the past few days, but the back is cold, just because:

The ceiling virus returns to the world!

"Devil Virus" reproduces the United States

In mid this month, a vaccine plant in the famous American pharmaceutical company found 15 horrible small bottles.

Among these bottles, 5 marked "ceramics", 10 marked as "vaccinia" (cow's ceramics), is found by the laboratory staff when cleaning the cold cabinet.

As of November 24, the new crown virus caused 5,17,7779 people in a global scale, and it is already horrible. But in front of the sky, the new crown is a brother.

Because the sky is really possible to destroy all the human beings!

In view of the risk of ceiling viruses, the WHO has repeatedly requested completely destroying the ceramic virus. However, it has been strongly refused by the United States, and the reason is to continue research.

Under the helplessness, WHO has leaving the sample only after the global two laboratories have been eliminated. One is Russia, and there is a CDC in the laboratory of Atlanta, USA.

But this time I found that the places where the ceramics virus is very strange, it is in Philadelphia!

You know, this private drug enterprise in Philadelphia does not have the right to preserve celyfire virus. More importantly, Philadelphia to Atlanta has a distance of more than a thousand kilometers. If the virus is really transported from Atlanta, have there any leak on the way?

and also! A cleaning personnel can easily come into contact with this ancient devil virus, it can be found in storage, will it have been leaked during this period?

More detailed, the founder of the US Microsoft, the founder of Microsoft Company, the world's world's richest warning:

In addition to natural epidemics, countries should prepare for "biological fence". How to deal with 10 airports to 10 airports in terrorists?

There is also a coincidence, which is the discovery of the Pharmaceutical Enterprise, and the Bill Gates Foundation has been related.

The conspiracy theory is also good. I learned that some kind of emotions have made goodwill remind, Bill Gates's words make people feel cold!

Surprised more than these, as early as 2019, the United States suddenly approves the development of new APSV ceiling vaccines. Just before the private Tianshu virus was exposed, the US FDA suddenly approved new drugs for treating cyclophily and variant.

Ming Tianshu has been extinct for more than 20 years, why is the United States still develop a vaccine and special medicine? What is the motivation?

The mortality is 23 times that varies the poisoned character!

Tianshu, we are commonly known as "pecta" and "acne", there is no special medicine in many years.

As an ancient fierce infectious disease, there have been 3,000 years of history in the emergence of Tianshu virus. The earliest ceiling infected is an ancient Egyptian mummy in 1197 BC.

This viral is extremely strong, far more famous Delta, which is spread at very fast speed in the air. If you don't have a daily flowery vaccine or have not suffered from the sky, you will be infected with men and women, and they will be infected, and the death is 30%, and the mid-bleeding ceiling is more than 97%!

You know, it is only 1.3% of Delta mortality now. It can be seen that the ceiling virus is called "demon virus".

There are statistics show that there are 150 million people to die in the 18th century. In the 20th century, 300 million people died in the sky. The person who died in the sky before and after before and after no 500 million!

After infection with the ceramic virus, the virus will erode our skin cells, bone marrow and organs. First, high fever, vomiting and skin breaks, accompanied by the whole body is full of turbid liquid, people are either suffering, or they are grateful.

How miserable people infected? We can feel it through the picture below!

Is the ceiling virus away from us?

Not far!

It may be seen American Pharmaceutical Enterprise Private Sky Virus, most people feel that it doesn't matter, this is nothing to do. After all, such a horrible virus will definitely be kept well.

But the fact is not this!

As early as 1978, a laboratories in the UK have undergone 3 viral leaks. Among these accidents, 78 people infected with the sky, 3 of which died.

Time came to a more recent in 2004, at the time in a library in New Mexico, USA, some people found an envelope in a medical book. Just in this envelope, there is a dusty virus residue for many years.

In 2014, 6 bottles of heavenly viruses were discovered again in the United States. Worrying is that these viruses have been found to have a certain activity. We have to doubt, this time I have discovered the ceramic virus, there is still no activity! Once the sky is returned to others, is there possible to extinct human?

We assume that if there is a virus to extract human extinction, then this virus must have the following conditions.

❶ super high mortality

After all, it is extinction, then the mortality is definitely, the higher it, the more it is, the more it is possible.

❷ Super contagious

The mortality is on the one hand, infectivity is also very important, after all infectivity is sufficient, it can be changed by the amount. Therefore, it is best to pass air propagation, of course, foam spread, aerosol propagation, and fecal propagation and mosquito bites are good choices.

❸ can defeat people's immune system

There is more or less immunity for viruses that have already appeared or infected. And want to be extinct, you must defeat or avoid the human immune system.

❹ no vaccine

After the appearance of Virus, human beings will definitely develop vaccines in the first time, so this virus must have no vaccine.

❺ Have a certain latency

If you want to be extinct, the incubation period is essential. If there is no incubation period, the human beings will develop new vaccines in a very short time, and they are "losses".

We look back and see the ceiling virus, it is clear that it meets most of the conditions. The only thing that does not meet is that the ceramic virus now has a vaccine.

But one thing needs to emphasize! Because WHO's 1980 has declared completely eliminating the sky, there is only a small number of countries such as China, and the remaining countries are now not vaccinated.

The young generation is not exposed to the sky, and there is no more daily flowers, so there is no immunity to the sky. In addition, the inoculation of the ceiling vaccine is used to use a double-headed needle to implant the skin.

In this way, in addition to the pain, it is possible to cause poisoning. If you happen to have an immunodeficiency, it may also be severely infected, and death is also possible.

Therefore, once the ceramic virus is leaked, it is really possible to extinct all human!

Just as the US CDC is written on the official website:

The sputum virus leaks are devastating worldwide!

Therefore, the United States must give a whole world!