Long-term medication is harmful, gout patients eat right, drink right, uric acid can be reduced

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Long-term medication is harmful, gout patients eat right, drink right, uric acid can be reduced

2021-11-26 00:15:47 12 ℃

As the saying goes: "The medicine is not as good as food supplement", this sentence may be inefficient for most people, but for patients who need to take medicine for a long time, it is possible to alleviate the pain by non-drug, which can reduce the drug pair. Body damage! Such patients include gout patients.

Gout is a chronic disease, the condition can be gradually increased, resulting in a decline in life and reduces expectancy, which requires a long time to take drugs to control uric acid. Take drugs include: allopurinol, non-Boshim, phenyrobromalon, autumn water fairy tablets, etc.

As an example, as an example of the patient's commonly used autumn water, as an example of the acute attack of gout arthritis, prevention of acute episodes of recurrent gout arthritis, long-term use of severe hemorrhagic gastritis or adverse syndrome And even lead to life of anemia anemia crisis. In addition, non-Boshima inhibits uric acid synthesis, also causes liver function injury and allergic rash.

The above said: "The medicine is not as good as food supplement", in fact, gout patients do not only rely on drugs to control uric acid, or you can do this in "eat, drink"!


Gout patients should reach 2000 ~ 3000 ml daily, and the uric acid concentration in the blood can be diluted and the extinction of uric acid is increased. However, although it is drinking, it is very important to pay attention to it!

1. Pasalization: It contributes to alkalized urine.

When the pH of the patient is increased, the solubility of uric acid also increases, which helps the discharge of uric acid in the body, the higher the alkaline, the more evolving the uric acid effect. Therefore, alkaline water can be tried in water, such as soda, light tea, pH9.3 alkaline water.

2. Low calories

Drinking is not sugar, protein, and sugar.

3. Low mineralization, low sodium

Water energy in low mineralization avoids the occurrence of stones, low sodium water can prevent high blood pressure, reduce the incidence and death of heart disease and chronic kidney disease.

In addition, the two medicinal tea recommended by everyone can also adjust uric acid!

Gegen Tea

Effects with dehydration muscles, rush, rushing, thirst, and yang diarrhea. Fast food pueraria can reduce the production of uric acid and prevent the recurrence of gout arthritis. And the role of Pueraria to drink anti-inflammatory pain in the gout season. Can boil the tea every day.

2. Lily tea

Lily has the effect of nursing the vital lungs, clear the peace of mind, which contains the effect of autumn water inhibition of inflammatory reactions, relieve joint swelling. The acute sponsorship period of gout can be used to use lily hot water to drink tea.


Avoid eating sorghum foods, thinking about gout patients is also a long talk. But there are two kinds of foods often eat in life, not only will not aggravate gout, but they also have the effect of helping uric acid.


"Materia Medica" is medium-contained: the front of the car "with Shujin medicine, can be moist, healthy and foot knees, and the speed of the speed". The role of the car in front of the grass, and can increase the excretion of ureauric acid. The latest experiments found that the front of the car can inhibit the activity of the xanthine oxidase, that is, the front of the car is uric acid.

Car front porridge:

Material: Use glutinous rice 100 (ke), car front subcraiser 25 (ke).

(1) Wash the glutinous rice first;

(2) Put the front of the car with the gauze, put into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, boil for 15 minutes, and remove the car before the car;

(3) Put the glutinous glutinous rice in the pan and cooked in the pot. After cooking, you can put a small amount of sugar, you can eat it.

Waveri in the abstransmission: the fresh car is crowned with hot water, and the seasoning is mixed.

2. Purslane

TCM believes that the horse rag is sinful, cold, non-toxic, has heat purifiers, detoxification and cool blood, and moistive retreat, which helps to eliminate gout. Red, swollen, hot, painful symperous symphosis, can eat purslane, whether it is cold or fried. It is recommended that you have a purslane and fried eggs, not only delicious and rich in protein!

Warm reminder: the front of the car and the car, the drug is poor in cold, and the appropriate amount is recommended. If the spleen and stomach is not very good, or people belong to the cold body are not suitable. The horse is cold, so the spleen and stomach is cold, and pregnant women are disabled. In addition, the purslane with the armor, so if you take the medicine in the prescription, you must take a purslane.

"It is a three-point poison", and the painful patients have a long time to take medicine, then try these methods!