Eat an apple every day, what is the impact on blood sugar?May I listen to what the doctor said

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Eat an apple every day, what is the impact on blood sugar?May I listen to what the doctor said

2021-11-26 00:16:02 17 ℃

Lead: Speaking Apple, I believe many people like to eat, the right amount of apple is beneficial to the health, can help the human body prevent the disease. my country has been in the forefront of Apple's production and consumption.

Apple has many kinds of apples, different apple types, taste different. When you purchase Apple in us, you can choose the kind of favorite type according to your personal taste. Apple is rich in nutrients, containing calcium triophos, dietary fibers, pectin, vitamins, etc., in major fruits, the nutritional value level is very high.

People also have some disputes to Apple, some people say that eating apples can help lower blood sugar, because the dietary fiber content in apples is rich. Some people think that Apple is sweet, can't play blood sugar effect, no increase in blood sugar is already very good. What impact is eating an apple ate a daily on blood sugar? Everyone may wish to follow.

case analysis:

Ms. Li, 29-year-old, is doing administrative work in Tianjin, and is more exquisite, and it is very decent every day to dress up. Because it is more nervous in the morning, I have to take time to dress yourself, so Ms. Li often does not have breakfast, or if you have something to eat, the body is inevitably happening. Problem.

Not long ago, Ms. Li felt itching phenomenon in the skin. The eyesight decreased seriously, seeing things getting more and more blurred, often thirsty, need to drink water often. She felt that the body had a problem, so I went to the hospital to do a related examination.

The results show that Ms. Li is too high in the body, and there is 12.6 mmol / L of fasting blood glucose. The doctor said to Ms. Li, usually pay attention to reasonable control of diet, reduce sugar intake, for health, Ms. Li has been doing it in accordance with the doctor.

Once an accidental opportunity, Ms. Li heard that it is good for apples to eat apples every day. The apple sugar content is relatively low, rich in nutrients, is stable to blood sugar, and the effect of weight loss. This makes Ms. Li feel a little, decided to control blood sugar by eating apples every day.

In this way, I have been working on work, and Ms. Li suddenly fainted, and was urgently sent to hospital treatment. After the examination, the blood sugar level in Ms. Li has been as high as 15.6mmol / L, which is fainted. It is due to the high blood glucose level.

After learning Ms. Li, the doctor explained to her: When the blood sugar level in the human body, it is indeed possible to eat some apples and stabilize blood sugar. Dietary fibers and vitamins in Apple are rich in vitamins, and there is a lot of food benefits. But eat apples every day, achieving hypoglycemic purposes, is not a wise practice.

Apple's hypoglycemic effect is inexpensive. Ms. Li has a high blood sugar level. After going back, it will not take other hypoglycemic measures. Only by eating apple, plus certain bad habits, it is easy to cause blood sugar without falling and rising. problem.

After hearing the doctor explained, Ms. Li suddenly realized that it was very regretful. After home, she started to strictly control the diet, and finally after a period of treatment, it was stabilized after a period of time.

How does high blood glucose patient reduce blood sugar in body?

1. Guarantee enough sleep, regular sleep

High blood glucose levels is high, or patients with diabetes, to ensure poor sleep, help control blood sugar. Plenty sleep can be repaired and rest to organs and body, which helps improve insulin to regulate blood sugar, speed up the body to metabolize blood sugar, and achieve blood sugar.

2, reasonable medication

Rational use of hypoglycemic drugs is the top priority, and diabetics are in life, and they must follow the doctor's advice. When using insulin, you have to clearly clear your own insulin type, choose the right time and method. Whether to use hypoglycemic drugs reasonably, it is related to whether blood sugar can be controlled.

3, more walking properly

Regardless of which age group of people, persistence of this movement, it is good for your health. Walk properly every day, you can improve the sensitivity of insulin, stimulate fat cells and muscles, restore insulin function, promote the secretion of insulin in vivo, to help control blood glucose stability and improve resistance.

Conclusion: The high blood sugar is not too terrible. It is mainly harmful to the health or those complications, which is prone to daily learning, work and life. Everyone pays attention to controlling blood sugar, can effectively avoid complications, may wish to do proper exercise, reasonable diet, to ensure sleep, these will have glucose stable.

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