Futian District!Shenzhen 38 "night nucleic acid detection points" list is coming ~

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Futian District!Shenzhen 38 "night nucleic acid detection points" list is coming ~

2021-11-26 06:06:54 3 ℃

Wanted to find a place most of the night nucleic acid?

Don't be afraid! Good news coming!

Shenzhen set up 38 night nucleic acid detection point

The city's 20, Fukuda 2

Nucleic acid measured 24 hours!

Shenzhen City 38 "Night nucleic acid detection point" list

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How long can the detection result?

Strive respective detection points results within 6 hours, no later than 24 hours.


What are people-oriented, whether fees?

✎ checkpoint night crowd at their own expense:

All people in need of friends can go on their own sample testing. Testing personnel required fee charges fees according to relevant regulations of each detection point.

✎ special free night crowd nucleic acid detection point:

In high-risk areas back deep to deep staff, key special personnel, employees and other key industries (need work permits, government text messages and introduce letters and other documents) can be made to "free nucleic acid samples" test set by the government.

In addition to the nucleic acid test

Recently, Futian District, has already started

The new crown virus vaccine booster immunization

Fukuda round remind you

In line with the conditions of the people vaccinated

~ Yo early inoculation


What is "boosted"?

Booster means after the completion of vaccination, supplementary vaccination antibody according to the situation subsided, human vaccines doses to maintain immunity to the virus.

For example, at this stage the new crown virus inactivated vaccine needle 2 fully immunized, according to the degree of human antibody levels decline, and then inoculated with 1 needle, called booster.


Who needs

Vaccination with the new crown vaccine booster shot?

Vaccination with the new crown the whole virus vaccine over a six-month 18 years old or older.

In Shenzhen reservation, the system will automatically calculate meets six-month intervals, if not already meet interval, you will not be able to enter the reservation page.


How often to play booster shot?

In the completion of the new crown the whole virus vaccine inoculation in order to select six months after vaccination booster.


If the interval is far more than the six-month period

Call booster, as well as the effect of it?

According to the experience of other vaccines used in the past, if the interval increases, in fact, its overall effect will not be affected significantly immunity.

However, if longer intervals, with the decline in antibody levels, once the source of infection when exposed to the risk of infection increases.

We suggest that you carry out in accordance with the requirements of intervals booster vaccination as soon as possible.


Booster shot every year need to play it?

Future vaccines or new crown to be vaccinated every year, replacing the strain vaccinated according to variation of.


Booster shot is free?


Currently on the new crown vaccine booster immunization policy as in the past, residents implement free policy.


Which vaccine booster shot can play?

In principle, the use of already vaccinated original vaccine booster.

● Use two complete vaccination of the population with an inactivated vaccine, inactivated vaccine using the original principle be a booster immunization;

● Use a different inactivated vaccine to complete two vaccination of the population, priority use of inactivated vaccine and a second dose of the same vaccine in a second booster immunization in principle, in case of a second dose of the same vaccine can not continue to supply, etc., may be used for a time in the same inactivated vaccine vaccine booster first agent;

● use of adenovirus vectors vaccination of the population, use the original vaccine were boosted.


Where to vaccination booster shot?

[Attention] happy Fukuda micro-channel public number, the dialog reply "vaccination", click the link to select the pop-up appointments according to their own circumstances.

Currently, Futian District, features 61 new crown vaccination points for free public vaccination crown new vaccine.

Including 58 community health, two hospitals and a medium-sized temporary vaccination points.

For the convenience of everyone to find the nearest vaccination point, Futian District, specially launched - a new vaccine Crown Point, Futian District Map

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As long as people recognize friends in the figure below [two-dimensional code] - [Open map] - [Select new crown vaccination point] - [navigation] to direct inoculation point.

Please see the specific list slide up and down:


After booster vaccination

Immunity level will be greatly improved it?

From the results of the study home and abroad, after the application of new vaccines crown, its antibody levels over time there has been a decline in the situation.

Booster shot is through increased vaccination doses, can quickly raise antibody levels.

At present, we can see that research, some inactivated vaccine after completion of vaccination booster, a full month when antibody levels and compared antibody levels after the second full month probably lift the needle about five times, and some might higher, which means that it will increase the protective effect.


Vaccination booster shot

You can respond to variation in strain of the virus it?

Currently the incidence of all mutants caused by the vaccine appears to still early protective effects, especially severe protective effect against some more obvious.


If vaccination is a new recombinant vaccine virus crown

Need to fight booster shot it?

What type of booster shot with?

Still in the research process.

At present, vaccination booster shot for only inactivated vaccine and adenovirus vector vaccines, these vaccines to cover a very large proportion of the population is also listed on the National conditional approval of the vaccine in our country early vaccination. These vaccines was chosen to carry out a booster vaccination, because in the early accumulated some data.

The world is now promoting the vaccination of new crown vaccines, involving vaccines for different technology routes.In the future, according to the data collection situation, there is also the need for disease prevention and control. At the same time, it is considered that the vaccine supply is determined that the population of other vaccines in the previous period is to be strengthened, and what vaccine is used to strengthen.These issues are in the study.