Support for strangers, is it health?

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Support for strangers, is it health?

2021-11-26 06:06:40 2 ℃

Aristotle said: "People are a social animal." Maslow's level needs theoretical pointed out that people have the needs of love and love. People are not isolated with personal strength with nature, but through a certain social relationship into a collective, with the power of society to transform nature. Therefore, people living in this world will inevitably be deal with others, so there are all kinds of social relationships, social relations and human mental health relationships are quite close. There is a lot of evidence that interpersonal relationships, psychological frustration and health are associated, and good social relations have a positive role in human health.

The support of strangers is also useful. Many experts believe that social support can reduce the stress response of individuals in the stress process. Social support refers to the comfort, concern, respect and help from others. Social support content is also quite extensive, including material (such as support money, things), information on (such as suggesting), emotional (such as comfort concerns) and in action (such as taking care of life).

Psychology has been experimenting, experiments were tried to be 90 college students, and they were randomly assigned to three experimental conditions: a separate speech, speaking in front of a supported researcher, speaking in a non-supported researcher assistant To form 3 groups: a separate speech group, support group, and does not support the group. The test was measured before the experiment, and the test was performed after the experiment was conducted after the experiment. Experimental Conclusion: The speech capabilities of the subjects are in a separate speech group, with support groups, and there is no difference between groups. The social support of the support group in "Perceived Social Support Questionnaire" is more than the subject that does not support the group; a separate speech team is expected to grow in the expectation of the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure during the speech. The amount is smaller than that does not support the group, and the increasing amount of the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure when the group is expected to expect and the speech is more than the support group. Therefore, even social support from strangers is also help to mitigate individuals of the individual's cardiovascular, visible social support is a very important resource that can help reduce stress reactions.

Social interaction can also enhance a person's value, sense, sense of responsibility, so that he feels more meaningful, more fun, thus enhancing its immune function, reducing the susceptibility to disease. It is more likely to maintain positive emotions, less anxiety, depression or other mental illness.

When we are suffering from erudition, unemployment, etc., when we are troubled, to strangers, it is comforted by strangers, and your pain and trouble will decrease.

Therefore, seeking social support is a good response strategy when we face various pressures. If you can take the initiative to seek other people in all aspects of emotions, information, materials, it is possible to reduce pressure, impact on our psychology, and physical adverse effects, and solve problems faster and better.