Stem cells and organs repaire the hotspots, realize that "repair people" is no longer a dream like a car

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Stem cells and organs repaire the hotspots, realize that "repair people" is no longer a dream like a car

2021-11-26 06:07:29 7 ℃

Stem cells are a class of pluripotent cells, which can differentiate into human tissues, organs, and therefore have a broader prospect in clinical applications. At present, stem cells have a wide range of applications, including nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic system diseases, digestive system diseases have been built, and of course, the most widely used to be tissue damage repair.

On January 28, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice on the "Mathematics and Application Research" of the National Key R & D Plan for "14th Five-Year" National 2021 Project Declaration Guide to seek advice "," Stem Cell Research and Organ Restoration " It was listed as the first batch of key special tasks that were launched by the National Key R & D plan of the "14th Five"!

With breakthroughs in the field of renewable science, and integrated cross-fusion, stem cell repair organs, and organic injuries that have no effective treatment, constantly benefit patients.

Below, let us combine the specific cases to understand the many applications of stem cell repair organs.


Stem cell repair lungs

Wuhan new crown pneumonia, some of the severe patients in pneumonia recovery, will suffer from the sequelae of pulmonary fibrosis, so that patients suffer in the future. Pulmonary fibrosis is normal alveoli is replaced by an abnormal "scar", which is a fiber-like shape, a decrease in resilience, and gas exchange. This situation is irreversible, "scar" as long as there is, it has always existed, can not disappear, and there is less and less energetic alveolar.

Unless there is a new pulley cell. Multi-mixed mesenchymal stem cells can be regenerated by a multi-directional mechanism, regenerating new alveoli, repairing damaged lung tissue, balancing the lung microenvironment, and achieves the goal of cure pulmonary fibrosis.

8 cases of radioactive pulmonary fiber patients CT pulmonary density value

Stem cells play a very positive role in the treatment of neoguanponic inflammation, Ministry of Science and Technology: Stem cells can be cured for 8-10 days of stem cells. More than 200 patients in Wuhan have the treatment of neoguanpneumitis by using stem cells.

At the press conference, stem cells were used for clinical treatment of new coronal pneumonia. At the same time, on the one hand, stem cell therapy can improve the treatment rate of severe patients by improving the inflammation of the lungs, and the pulmonary fiber of patients with severe rehabilitation period The chemical side has a more obvious improvement effect. It can see the pulmonary lesion and the respiratory function is improved.

Ministry of Science and Technology: Stem Cell Treatment of Neogongia Showing Safety and Effective


Stem cell repair ovary

Ovarian premature aging (POF) is a constant symptoms such as women's 40-year-old, and the pathogenesis is very complicated. It has not been completely clear. At present, the use of hormone replacement therapy is mainly, the treatment effect has certain limitations, and excess hormones It is easy to induce cancer.

Nowadays, POF is not an irreversible process, and stem cells in vitro or intravenous infusion can be migrated into the patient's ovaries. Directionally differentiate into egg cells in early ovaries, and functions, secrete estrogen, and delay women's menopause. , Delayed menopause, rejuvenate youthful style.

Meijie stem cells improve ovarian early mice in the follicular micro environment to recover

Stem cell therapy can effectively curb the ovarian further premature aging, protect ovary, reshaping ovarian structure, restore ovarian function, effectively improve the symptoms of patients, have a good function of osteoporosis caused by lack of estrogen. Stem cell regeneration repairing ovar cells can still make timely and correct reactions to the relevant hormones secreted by brain pituitary body, and the hormone levels in the body are in equilibrium.


Stem cell repair bone joint

Orthopedic inflammation is a disease with the highest prevalence in the orthopedic field, the most wide population of patients. This is a common problem for elderly, but because of marathon and other exercises.

The key to treatment of osteoarthritis is to prevent cartilage from further wear. Since the cartilage's regenerative capacity is extremely poor, there is no better method for clinical practice. In the joint, internal injection, mesenchymal stem cells, can be partially regenerated, the cartilage cells in the cartilage, thus treating osteoarthritis, or intravenous infusion, mixed stem cells, stimulating the regeneration of patients with autocondyl cells, relieving osteoarthritis, recovering Bone joint function.

Three groups of mixed stem cells in the joint

Arthroscopic assessment of joint cartilage regeneration in the inner and femoral condyle


Stem cell repair islet beta cells

Diabetes belongs to a chronic, systemic metabolic disease, insufficient insulin secretion caused by islet beta cell function, is one of the common features of type I and type II diabetes, many patients need to use insulin for life. Traditional treatment methods, objective or derived blood sugar, prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes complications.

On March 19, 2020, an article from the Chinese Academy of Sciences was published in "Cell" magazine, first firmly determined the "identity" of the adult stem cells in mouse, answered whether there is a controversy in stem cells in islets.

Through this type of Procr + islet beta stem cells and vascular endothelial cells, it can be regenerated with functional islet-like organs, providing a possibility for cure diabetes. This is an islet that is reconstructed in vitro comprises all of the cell type of islet, in terms of function, morphology, ultrastructure, and transcriptom, very similar to true mouse is ischy, which can quickly respond to sugar irritation, and secrete insulin.


Stem cell repair of heart disease is very terrible, because when the heart has problems, a large amount of cardiomyocytes will die, but there is no way to add scars in a heart, so that the heart function is damaged, and it is not normal to shrink. Resulting in patients with the disease and even death.

Stem cells have broken through the treatment of cardiac diseases, followed by Israeli scientists using 3D printing technology "manufacturing" out of a heartbeat, American scientists published the latest research results in PNAS: Heart attack, in vivo or in vitro input Stem cells can regenerate healthy myocardial cells, thereby repairing the heart, let the heart re-energetic

Multi-energy fetus CDX2 cells from placenta


Stem cell repair brain

Scientists have thought that mammals have formed all neurons in the brain after entering adolescence, and it will not be added until the 1960s, some parts of the brain of adults may still produce new neurons. The source and function of these neurons were confirmed in the 1990s.

Partially inject a certain amount of stem cells, can supplement a stem cell-labeled neurobu cell in vivo, and induced differentiate into neurons, replace apoptosis, aging neurons in the brain, improve memory, improve thinking, prevent neurodegenerative The occurrence of diseases.


Stem cell repair liver

In all organs of the human body, the regenerative ability of the liver is most powerful. A new study reveals the importance of stem cells on liver regeneration repair.

Researchers at the University of San Diego, California, found that "stem cells" is the root cause of the liver has a strong regenerative repair function. It is the safest way to avoid liver failure using stem cell transplantation.

Hepatocytes surrounding liver surrounded by hepatocytes surrounding

In vivo intravenous infusion, a certain amount of stem cells can produce new hepatocytes in vivo, instead of lescaps, necrotic hepatocytes, improve liver function, have significant preventive function on fatty liver, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.


Stem cell repair prostate

Prostatitis is a variety of complex causes associated with inflammation, immunization and neuroendocrine associated pathological changes. The clinical manifestations can be urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain, such as burning induction, urinary pain and groin inadequate during urination.

Previously, conventional drugs were used to suspend the condition, but they could not be cured, and the side effects of these drugs were extremely large. Stem cell transplantation enters the male body, can act directly on the prostate, activate the prostate cells, and regenerate the new prostate cells, replacing the new prostate cells, replacing apoptotic cells, and realize the purpose of restoring male health.

Mequted stem cells occur in the entire prostate tumor

All stages of development have important immune regulation

With the active development of stem cell technology in the world, stem cell regeneration medicine will become increasingly mature, stem cell treatment of disease will be more and more extensive, not only as tools and models, but also as "live" drugs, extending human life. In the sci-fi movie, the wound will be recovered in the speed of the naked eye.