Learning to work with anxiety is the best life state.

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Learning to work with anxiety is the best life state.

2021-11-26 06:07:13 2 ℃

Hello, I am Nan Joe, welcome you!

I want to talk to you about topics related to anxiety today.

Recently, I always see the topic like this in social media: "X tricks, teach you to get rid of anxiety", "bid farewell to anxiety, XXXX", "stop anxiety, life will xxxx".

Whenever I see this topic, I will always have some lottery. Can we really get rid of, bid, or stop anxiety?

The answer in my heart is: unlikely, and we don't need to completely abandon anxiety. Limited life experience tells me that moderate anxiety is the driving force for our progress.

We can find a way to relieve it, but there is no need to completely eliminate it.


The definition of anxiety in the book of "Mathematics Emotionics" is the emotional reflection of the value characteristics of people to real or future things.

Anxiety is the most basic emotion of human beings, with its own special meaning.

When there is a limitations in life, our inner heart will generate anxiety.

When I was a child, we would be better and anxious because of your favorite play with others; when I was going to school, I couldn't complete the job on time, my grades couldn't get anxiety; after work, I will be promoted by myself. Fast and anxiety ...

Have you found that anxiety appears is a reminder, remind us, there is a certain limitation in our lives, you need to make changes, go to it, resolve it, or beyond it.

Of course, it's okay, many things have bilateral, anxiety is also.

Anxiety is like a lion, when it is small, you can give us a companion like a cat, give us warmth, sometimes sprinkle, sell a cute, add some small tidbits to the dull life, but when it grows up, Will be a uncontrolled beast, intimidate us, even hurt us.

Everyone is recognized is that moderate tensions can keep us in a relatively good state.

Anxiety can also play a similar role.

Excessive anxiety will break our inner order, causing emotions, emotional disorders, and even develop into mental illness, but moderate anxiety can prompt us to make changes.

In 1908, Yerkes and Dodson found in the experiment that the rats were also very low when the rats were very low, and the performance of the rats would be increasing when the anxiety level is raised. Good; when the level is reached, the rats are optimistic; after, as anxiety levels have gradually increased, the performance level will decrease. This is the famous "Yerkes-Dodson Curve".

The researchers refer to an anxiety level that can inspire the best performance is the best anxiety, and defines it into a constructive, let us full of creative discomfort.

It should be noted that different people have different capacities and counterparts in the pressure, and the best anxiety level is also different.

Therefore, learn to control anxiety, very important, if you can explore your best anxiety level, it is better.


As the saying goes, know each other and don't fight.

Deeply understand anxiety, in order to control it.

Most of our anxiety in our lives comes from comparison (personal pleasure).

When we were small, we were always compared by the parents and "children of others". After grew up, we have been compared with their peers, feel that they have average, the work is general, the appearance is general, the deposit is still less, it will be unconfident, inferior Waiting for emotions.

The more excellent people, the more you put out your own ordinary, and sometimes you will think about it.

In fact, I think that anxiety is because we are not willing to lying.

In other words, if we are willing to lie, don't you anxious?

Many times, when you are in deep anxiety, we can calm down to feel it, feel your source, then ask yourself: I am really so bad?

For this question, I think the most least the answer is: We don't have a good idea to imagine, and there is no bad thing I think.


Mitigate depth anxiety, you can try the following three methods:

Develop reasonable goals

Things are willing to be one of the important factors caused by anxiety.

Every time the test results are flat, don't fill the college entrance examination to the Tsinghua North University; holding 3, 4 thousand wages every month, don't be a million dream; there is no Cinderella's beauty and protagonist, don't think Holding with the prince ...

Otherwise, nothing is willing to violate, but also can't.

The measured body is based on its own status quo and its own situation, and the reasonable goal will not fall into the deep anxiety.

2. Select "Reference"

Some people say, don't be more anxious.

There is no mistake, but today, this is so much diverse, it is difficult to do it.

Open the mobile phone every day, after 95, the girl has entered 90,000, and a certain liability XX will come to the East Mountain. After 00, I will have a similar information that is similar to the company CEO.

The people who see people appear emotional fluctuations, it is normal.

What I want to say is that comparative itself is not wrong, I am not wrong to compare the "reference matter".

When we choose "Reference", we can consider both horizontal and longitudinal direction. Transverse comparisons, you can choose to born with your own background, family situation, degree, and aberration of the same age.

I am more inclined to compare the portrait, because this big probability will not break their inner order, and you can see your progress.

3. Accept your imperfections

When we are young, we are always living in our own thoughts. I feel that I am a good student, my homework can be excellent in the door. It is really fleeing. It is unfolded by the class. I feel like the female owner in the TV series. I can get the favor of the high handsome boy. There are not a few boys who are willing to see themselves. I feel that I can have a bright white-collar worker in the job field, and it is always a realistic face.

Growth is a process that gradually knows your own, and it is also a process of gradually compromising. The compromise in growth is not good, it can make us live more real.

30 years old, I chose to accept my imperfections, and I will understand it.

I hope to see this article, you can also find yourself as soon as possible, find the inner order.

4. Put the limited energy on themselves

Life is short, and everyone's time and energy are limited. Putting limited time and energy on himself, spending there is so much time to entangle, go anxiety.

If you think you are too shallow, you will read it. Read can help us broaden the knowledge and open awareness.

If you feel that your body is not good, you will work out. Run, skipping, stretching can (sincerely feel that you should put your exercise on the schedule).

If you want to find a companion that works, you will be bold to "meet".

The beginning is not smooth, it doesn't mean that the end is not beautiful. Worse insistence, so abandon.

Take the first step, it is a progress, at least we are on the road.


There is no natural self-discipline, only practitioners driven by their dreams, goals, responsibilities, etc.

Anxiety is a link in these abstraction, target, responsibilities, etc. These abstraction, which is really crushed to our feelings.

So, care for your heart's anxiety and emotions, learn to work with it, is the status of the best life.