Which high blood pressure and diabetes are more serious, have there any new solution?

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Which high blood pressure and diabetes are more serious, have there any new solution?

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Which high blood pressure and diabetes are more serious, have there any new solution?

Tianjin University TEDA Hospital | Li Qing

This is a problem of fans.

It is definitely that high blood pressure, diabetes are terrible, one is a wolf, one is a 狈, don't talk about which worse.

Because of the factors of diet and lifestyle, both often exist together, the wolf is raped, and it is unruly. And if the two are exist at the same time, the harm to the body is 1 + 1 greater than 2.

If you don't let the two "single pick", which more serious, which is more serious, both still have some different.

# 1 Hypertension is more harmful, and more than the victim

According to the latest information, the prevalence of Chinese adult hypertension is 25.3%, and the prevalence of Chinese adult diabetes is 10.9%, and my country's hypertension patients are much more than diabetic patients.

As a whole, the harm of hypertension is wider, and the crowd hazard is even greater.

# 2 The damage to important organs, diabetes more ""

Hypertensive and diabetes can cause atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis occurs in the coronary artery of the heart, it is coronary heart disease; if it occurs in the cerebral blood vessel, it is cerebrovascular disease; if there is a renal artery, the renal artery is narrow; if there is a carotid artery, the lower extremity artery is the carotid artery Striosis and lower extremity arterial occlusion, and so on.

We often say that of my heart, cerebral infarction, renal arteriosclerosis, carotid stenosis, lower extremity arterial occlusion, etc., are atherosclerosis in the artery.

The medical community is now integrated with these diseases together, known as atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

The main risk factors of ASCVD include hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking, diabetes, and more.

We divide these vascular complications, and subdivided into large vascular complications and microvascular complications, with large vascular complications including coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, and microvascular complications include glomerular damage (note is not kidney Artery) and retinal damage.

The glomerular ball is composed of micro-blood ball, and the kidney damage caused by both is called microvascular complications.

Big vascular complications

For coronary artery, the harm of diabetes is large.

In general, the coronary stenosis caused by diabetes is a narrow, and the contrast looks like "beaded", and the three blood vessels may have narrow; and the stenosis caused by high blood pressure is a single lesion, and a single stenosis.

For cerebral blood vessels, high blood pressure is more harmful.

In general, the harm of large vascular complications, the harm is similar, and the harm of diabetes may be more harmful.

Microvascular complications

● Kidney damage:

Hypertensive kidney urine protein is less, the deterioration of renal function is slow; the diabetic nephropathy is characterized by urinary protein, often has a large amount of protein urine, and there will be high blood pressure, and the renal function is faster, and proteinuria Uremia is rapidly developed within a few years.

Diabetic nephropathy is the first major cause of uremia in Europe and the United States and Japanese uremia, will also be the first major cause of uremia in my country.

● Clutter damage:

The retinal arteriosclerosis caused by high blood pressure is generally not serious, rarely occurs; and diabetic retinopathy often leads to retinal bleeding, exiting, and severely blind.

Diabetic retinal lesions are the largest causes of blindness of adults.

In terms of microvascular damage, diabetes is more harmful than high blood pressure.

# 3 management of diseases, diabetes more trouble

Hypertension and diabetes are lifelong diseases, they need lifelong management. Monitoring and medication in blood pressure, blood glucose and other indicators are an important part of disease management.


Hypertensive patients must control salt, alcohol, and control weight.

Diabetes patients not only want to control salt, alcohol, control weight, but also control with sugary food, fruits and meat, much more trouble more, difficult.


Blood glucose monitoring includes three indicators - fasting blood glucose, 2 hours after meal, three indicators need to be pulled with paramel blood; family blood glucose meter can be determined by the end of the year, but the finger is very painful.

Now the technology is progressing, there is painful blood glucose monitoring, in fact, it is also tied to the subcutaneous, and it is inconvenient after all.

All of these checks are relatively high.

The blood pressure monitoring is more convenient, especially the popularity of electronic sphygmomanometers, it is convenient for patients, tie up the cuff and press the button.

my country's joined "Water Convention" has clearly eliminated the measured mercury sphygmomanometer.

Blood pressure measurement methods include blood pressure, self-test blood pressure and 24-hour dynamic blood pressure monitoring, and now advocate self-test blood pressure, it is completed by very convenient electronic sphygmomanometers.

The cost of blood pressure measurement is extremely cheap.


It turns out that most hypoglycemic drugs are role around insulin, pre-taking, 3 times after meals, 3 times daily, more troublesome, some patients often leak the medicine.

Insulin use more troublesome, injection pain and carry is inconvenient.

The hypoglycemic drugs listed in recent years have greatly facilitated patients, liab and columns of hypoglycemic agents, which can be orally, peptide hypoglycemic drugs (GLP-1 receptor agonists), although it is skinned, but Easily inject once every week.

However, the cost of hypoglycemic drugs is higher.

In contrast, the use of antihypertensive drugs is much easier.

At present, four first-line antihypertensive drugs, Pan, Puli, third-generation floor class and diuretics are long-acting oral medicine, once a day, morning, empty, oral, easy to take medicine, good compliance,Patients are easily accepted.Compared to hypoglycemic agents, antihypertensive drugs should be much cheap.

In fact, it is discovered that both of them have existed, and patients with hypertension often accompany the abnormal diabetes or sugar tolerance, while diabetes patients have high blood pressure.

Clearing blood pressure alone or controlling blood sugar can not be avoided.Who is ignored, the body is likely to be hurt.

A comparison of diabetes and high blood pressure is to let people know more harm.Treating them cannot be thick and thin, and they can not take care of this.

In fact, pay attention to diabetes and pay attention to high blood pressure, for the health of the body, we should control them and another "brother" high blood fat control, active treatment, control, to make them never suffer.