One-flavor drug temperature, gastric, kidney, can cure female dysmenorrhea, pelvic fluid

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One-flavor drug temperature, gastric, kidney, can cure female dysmenorrhea, pelvic fluid

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According to legend, a Persian princess married the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. The princess of the princess is very popular.

When I just came to Changan, the princess was very fresh about Datang, and the time has long been, it is inevitable to think about the country, full of face.

In order to open the princess, the emperor took her to hunt to the northern grassland. After lunch time, the servants made the roast all the sheep to enjoy the emperor, and the princess took a bite, and said to the emperor: "The barbecue tastes good, but it feels more than my hometown. There is still a fragrance of barbecue. "

The emperor has a honest saying: "I have always put some spices like grass seeds when I look at the Persian businessman."

So the emperor ordered the reorbar, the princess was happy to say after adding spices, "this is the taste of the hometown, eat roast lamb on the grassland, I seem to return to the distant hometown."

The emperor asked what spices were this, no one knows the name of this spice, the emperor said: "Its taste makes the princess feel that returning to the hometown, this vanilla seed is called Hui Hua."

After years of circulation, the name of this grass seed was transmitted into anise, which is a common fennel in our kitchen.

If we just use the cumin to do ordinary condiments, it is really small, because the fennel has a very high medicinal value, which is very effective in treating many diseases.

What are the functions of cumin?

1. Cumin can treat pelvic fluids

Some female friends often feel the lower abdomen, cold pain, not diarrhea, but the small belly has been uncomfortable, to the hospital for examination, knowing the pelvic effusion in the ghost.

How is the pelvic fluid formed?

First, in the body, yang deficiency cannot be transported to the cold and wet, which is cold and wet, and then one, and the gas is stagnant affects blood operation.

How to treat it?

First of all, Wenyang is in the cold and wet, it is better than the sun, and the ice and snow naturally melts.

The cumin is as special as the pelvic fluid. It is both warm and able to gasify the cold and wet. At the same time it is aromatic, can be qi, air rhythm, cold and wet natural gasification.

Cumin is still the Chinese medicine of seeds, and the sons have fallen. They have the nature of the drain. It can quickly enter the abdomen, the less abdomen is gentle, and the pelvic effusion will naturally disappear.

Treatment pelvic effusion, available cumin, housings, Taiwanese ubiquitial, Sichuan Magou, Buddha, tangerine, licorice, add water.

2. Cumin can treat dysmenorrhea

Female friends know that in those days in every month, the body will always have various discomfort, which is also normal physiological phenomena, most of which does not affect normal life.

However, this problem is, it is a thing in this girl. Every month, the menstrual period is generally sentenced, the lower abdomen is severe pain, the low back pain, feel the waist, pale, no blood, the menstrual volume, color Dark.

If our uterus is like a river, the menstruation is like the water flow in the river. If you meet the climate of cold and frozen, then the river will be frozen, it will block the unpacked.

The cumin can be both warm, and it can be tested, and it is used to deal with menstruation.

Division: Caise, Angelica, brown sugar, menstruation, start, drink water, drink water, even drink one week.

The menstrual period can be used with 30G cumin, then use the cloth bag, and the heat is ironed in the abdomen pain. After the fennel is cold, then fly the cumin and repeat.

Finally, I have to remind everyone:

1, fennel is a room, so yin deficiency, usually very fearless people are not suitable for fennel. Fennel has a slight sweating effect, and people who love to sweat are not to eat.

2, the party in the article must identify the adjustment of taking it under the guidance of a professional physician, but you can't eat it.

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