Northerners with "high blood pressure", after moving to Hainan, why is blood pressure basically normal?

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Northerners with "high blood pressure", after moving to Hainan, why is blood pressure basically normal?

2021-11-26 06:06:48 3 ℃

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In our country, it is very vast, the northerners and southerners have a great difference because two local climate, diet, living habits have more significant differences.

In fact, the northerners and southerners have certain differences in the level of disease, such as northerners, often see some high blood pressure, mainly because environmental factors affect physical health, but some people find that patients with high blood pressure in the northern region After Hainan Tourism, the blood pressure level in the body has declined significantly. What is this?

A large number of data surveys show that the probability of high blood pressure in the northerners is much higher than the South, and people living in the north are more likely to have the brain.

In fact, there are many reasons for the increase in blood pressure in the human body. For example, the temperature is divided into four seasons in the northern region. The temperature difference is relatively large, the blood pressure, blood lipids among the human body will change with the temperature change.

Climate change

The northern environment is clear, and the air is more dry, especially in a low temperature, the human body is easily stimulated, and the blood vessel shrinks, so the blood pressure among the body will naturally rise.

The hot weather in the South is high, and the temperature in the year is high. Such an environment also attracts many northerners to the south, and the hot weather will lead to human vascular expansion. The blood pressure in the body will naturally fall, of course this The situation is also different from person.

Effected by eating habits

In the north, people are more biased to some pasta, and the diet is a heavy taste, and the northerners specially love to drink, but these eating habits are rare in the south.

After the northerners arrive in Hainan, the daily diet will be affected, more is the case, the local diet is light, so the blood pressure in the body has declined.


In the northern region, cold time is longer than the south, especially in cold winter, can last for more than three months, many people will often stay in indoor for more than three months.

However, in the mild climate, outdoor movements can be performed in the four seasons a year, and the overall speech is relatively large, and the physical quality is naturally improved. The blood pressure in the body is more stable.

Be related to mood

The specialty of Hainan is a coastal area. Here, the ocean here is inneadous. After many people have arrived in Hainan, they will feel special comfort, and even if they are willing to return to their place of residence.

Most of the Northeasters will be settled in Hainan. Here, there is an invisible charm in this place, so that your mentality changes, and people here are not easy to have violent situations, so the blood closer comparison Stablize. You can go out to travel, the mood is nature is good, especially if there is no more concern, there will be more pressure, and the blood pressure in the body naturally has a relative decrease.

Many netizens said that although the northerners went to Hainan to stabilize blood pressure, this is not for a long time, so for high blood pressure people, they have to stick to good living habits in life, while taking some medicines .

Usually, you should insist on exercise, your diet is light, remember to stop the drug or adjust the dose, so as not to cause fluctuations in body blood pressure in the body.